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1717Re: [AtkinBoats] 22' Ninigret Plans - Would Like to Purchase but not connecting with Mrs Pat Atki

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  • Kenneth Grome
    Nov 24, 2007
      > I've tried contacting Mrs Pat Atkin via email
      > but I have not heard back from her at all.

      Hi Ted,

      Pat's web site says she is not available for up to two weeks at a time,
      have you given her at least this much time to contact you?

      Note that the last few times she emailed me she was using an email
      address that makes her messages look like SPAM to my google email
      filter. I told her about this and suggested getting a new email
      address but I never heard from her again.

      If you can't get Ninigret plans or if you don't want to wait until you
      can, here's a place where you can get plans for "Nina", a very similar
      boat that might be better engineered for today's typical small boat
      construction methods:


      I haven't studied these boats in that much depth but I've been
      interested in both, and so far I haven't been able to identify any
      particular features that might make one any better than the other.
      Here's what bateau.com has to say about Nina:

      "While our fiberglass/plywood composite material is 100% original, there
      isn't anything new in the hull lines. It is a proven type with very
      predictable behavior. For the looks and layout, we took ideas from
      several classic designs: the cuddy cabin is inspired by the Atkins
      design Ninigret, the open version windshield comes from Bolger's
      Halloween, the engine cover from the Handy Billy that was featured in
      Wooden Boats. We mixed it all with a touch of Culler's influence and it
      became the Nina."

      Maybe Nina is worth a closer look, here's two more links:


      Ken Grome
      Bagacay Boatworks
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