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1678Re: Willy Winship - any body built one? Can help answering some questions?

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  • piper_tim
    Oct 21, 2007
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      OK, next question... where can I find 20 feet of fir to make the mast? What about the
      sails, anyone know of a good sailmaker that could make the sails for this boat?


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Don Douglas" <douglashome@...> wrote:
      > Tim
      > After going back to the site and reviewing the description and drawings, holzboat has
      the correct process for this boat. The frames taper to the top and would not leave much
      to run down to the floor for setup. Plus unless you are going to use a plywood bottom,
      there are no athwart frames on the bottom to join the side frames. That pretty much
      eliminates using permanent frames as the molds. So I think normal molds and building
      upside down is the way to go. The temporary cross spalls would hold everything right
      while the side frame are being installed where a mold was. And once the bottom is on and
      the boat righted, the rest should be straight forward. Rossel goes over this type of
      construction in Chapter 5 in pretty good detail.
      > Have fun
      > Don
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