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1673Re: Willy Winship - any body built one? Can help answering some questions?

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  • piper_tim
    Oct 17 7:36 PM
      Hi Don,

      Flat bottomed and slab sides is why I chose this boat. I was planning to make it all from
      ply, but I think I like the way it looks cross planked and lapstraked. Still, for my second
      boat, I think all ply may be the way to go.

      I've read Rossel's book "Building small boats" and (forgot the author) "building glued
      lapstrake boats" so I have a good idea of what needs to happen...but even so...

      So, the first of many upcoming questions is: I'm assuming that I need to build a
      strongback with the forms given on the plans, plank the sides and bottom (omitting a lot
      of steps there), but when do you insert the sawn frames? Do you remove the boat from
      the form and add the frames one at a time? Do you mount the frames to the forms and
      glue them in while planking?

      Neither book really dealt with ply sided boats and this type of forms.

      Thanks in advance,

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Don Douglas" <douglashome@...> wrote:
      > Tim,
      > Willy Winship looks like a great next step in your boatbuilding
      > path. The lines are very similar to several flat bottom skiffs that
      > I have read about. Greg Rossel in his new book "The Boatbuilder's
      > Apprentice" shows a similar skiff in his section on lofting. Plus
      > the Wooden Boat series "Getting Started in Boats" had it's first
      > article on a flat bottom rowboat that would share some of the same
      > building processes. I don't know what books you have read but those
      > are always a point of beginning. The next is to loft the boat out
      > full size and start planning on building. Any specific questions you
      > have, just post to the site and someone will have some good advice.
      > Since you did not post anything specific that you are questioning
      > we are going to have to wait in suspense for the next question. Just
      > because someone has not built this specific boat does not mean there
      > is not knowledge lurking in the membership waiting to be asked.
      > I also had my first experience with a Cajun Pirogue, so I know
      > where you are at.
      > Have fun building!
      > Don Douglas
      > Colorado Springs
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