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1643Re: [AtkinBoats] Shaft seal like the one Robb While used ...

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  • Kenneth Grome
    Aug 16, 2007
      > I haven't seen what he used, but based on his description,
      > I think what are shown on this page are similar:
      > http://www.mcmaster.com/nav/enter.asp?pagenum=3372

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for that link! It got me started on the right track, then I
      found some other web sites with even more details on this type of pump
      shaft seal. It looks like I can use them in the boat I'm building now,
      and well as in several of the inboard powered boats I'm designing.

      These Atkin tunnel-stern Seabright skiffs are intriguing to me. I
      especially like Shoals Runner's bottom design. I know of no other boat
      that offers such an attractive combination of features as these:

      1- a very well protected propeller and rudder
      2- drafts only 6-7 inches with the prop in the water
      3- sits stable and upright when out of the water
      4- can be beached almost anywhere without damage
      5- can be trailered on a cheap flatbed utility trailer
      6- is very seaworthiness in offshore conditions
      7- uses an inexpensive, fuel efficient inboard engine
      8- gets better than average mileage at 15-20 mph
      9- runs efficiently throughout its entire speed range

      Lots of people seem to be very intrigued by Rescue Minor. But as I
      understand it, Shoals Runner is William Atkin's last design of this
      type. This suggests that he may have identified deficiencies in his
      earlier models (possibly including Rescue Minor) and corrected them
      when he designed Shoals Runner.

      This is only a theory of course, but it appears to 'make sense' to me
      after reading performance reports on Rescue Minor and noting subtle
      differences in the characteristics of these two hulls from the line
      drawings on the web site.

      I'm designing some new versions of these tunnel-stern Seabright skiffs
      myself. I'm leaning toward hull bottoms that look more like Shoals
      Runner because of my theory that the more recent designs in a naval
      architect's portfolio are often better boats than earlier models.

      Ken Grome
      Bagacay Boatworks
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