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  • Don Douglas
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Great discussion topic. I agree that Gundred and Little Ranger look similar except in size and layout but a study of the water lines and diagonals will tell you that both will behave differently in the water. My humble opinion is that Gundred would be a smoother boat to cruise on but Little Ranger will definitely be faster. Both from the waterline length and the underbody shape. I am not naval architect, just a reader and studier. If I am wrong, tell me, you will only help my education. Vega has a better layout for a group of 4 people on a cruise and the raised deck would give lots of space to lounge around on. That would give you something to think about when 4 people have been side by side on a 3 week crossing of the Atlantic. Missie and Laurie is just not what floats my boat in design for a cruising boat, but I am biased.

      So Samuel, good luck with the decision making and building!

      Don Douglas

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