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1615Best Design

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  • Samuel
    Aug 1, 2007
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      I would like to ask what would be the best Atkin design to go on a
      world cruise with. There will be four of us. I am looking for something
      around 40-50 feet. It will be built of wood. We will be traveling in
      very hot climates along the equator and will be visiting my relatives
      in northern Norway. I would like space to store spares for motor,sails
      ect,ect,ect.I tried to get advise on a "boat building" news group but I
      was constantly told under no circumstance should I build a boat, I told
      them they should shut the group down or rename it the pessimestic
      bastards newsgroup. I have built two houses and several skiffs so I
      have some woodworking exp. Any and all advice will be taken into
      consideration. Thank You, Sam
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