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1594Re: Looking for Eric Jr.

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  • ludlowmediaproductions
    Jul 24, 2007

      Just go buy a small day sailer, throw up the rags and have some fun
      man. Don't get bogged down in all the details of finding the perfect
      boat. If I was you my criteria would be something cheap to store in
      the water ready to take off at a minutes notice.

      Buy something small, fast, and tender. why? because thats the kind of
      boat thats going to be the most fun to sail if your inexperienced, and
      you will learn to sail a lot faster than on a larger boat. Also if you
      blow your whole wad up front your constantly going to worried about
      doing any damage and frankly you probably will.

      thats my two cents take it or leave it but just find a way to go
      sailing. Good luck man.

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