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1586Re: Rescue Minor "Bingey" launched

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  • sals_dad
    Jul 23, 2007
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      Thanks for the kind words, Wes.

      I sealed (95%) the openings, and cut a big (4") scupper in the
      transom, and found that the porpoising started at only 9 knots or
      so. Now it's loaded with ballast, 9 bundles of shingles (600 lbs
      maybe?) and it is doing a lot better. The 25 is definitely WAY too
      much power, I am trying to drum up a 15 or so to try.

      Thne next (big) step wil be to fair out the distortions in the
      bottom. I suspect the hogging is pushing the bow down a lot.

      I'll keep you all informed.


      > I like your boat, and I think that it will be a success. You aren't
      > really carrying the weight of that water in the well in the sense of
      > it pushing the hull down, but scooping it up has to be creating alot
      > of drag. My father had a theory that all of the pressure trapped in
      > that stern shape contributed to the outstanding stability his boat
      > has underway. In yours right now, that pressure is wasted pushing
      > water up into the well, instead of pushing the stern of the boat
      > up. I think that this might be contributing to the porpoising and
      > wild steering. If you could seal that lower unit, even temporarily
      > with expanding foam or something, I think it might be better
      > behaved. Good luck. Your boat's namesake would be tickled. Wes
      > White
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