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1573Re: Rescue Minor "Bingey" launched

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  • mrweswhite
    Jul 10, 2007

      I like your boat, and I think that it will be a success. You aren't
      really carrying the weight of that water in the well in the sense of
      it pushing the hull down, but scooping it up has to be creating alot
      of drag. My father had a theory that all of the pressure trapped in
      that stern shape contributed to the outstanding stability his boat
      has underway. In yours right now, that pressure is wasted pushing
      water up into the well, instead of pushing the stern of the boat
      up. I think that this might be contributing to the porpoising and
      wild steering. If you could seal that lower unit, even temporarily
      with expanding foam or something, I think it might be better
      behaved. Good luck. Your boat's namesake would be tickled. Wes

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "sals_dad" <sals_dad@...> wrote:
      > The Rescue Minor is getting close. Hull is complete (if ugly) and
      > last night I shoved it off the "landscaper" trailer and crunched
      > over sharp gravel into the water. I just love the metal hull, and
      > workboat finish.
      > I don't have power in yet, and plan to start out trials with a 6
      > outboard, before putting on the 25. I think I explained in an
      > earlier post, and illustrated in the photos section, how the
      > temporary outboard installation will work. With all the unknowns
      > about power requirement, reduction gears, reverse, props, and
      > alignment, it seems best to try out a number of alternatives
      > making a commitment.
      > For the time being, steering will be with a push-pull tiller.
      > the center of the "lazarette" is free-flooding, I dispensed with
      > rudder shaft seal or bearings; for now it's just an aluminum shaft
      > through an hole drilled in the aluminum bottom, with a lower
      > of shaft resting on a plastic disc set into a hole drilled partway
      > into the skeg. So I expect some wear, but we'll see.
      > Pushing it alongside the Bolger Diablo, it moved right along, even
      > showing a hint of rooster tail. The hull weighs about 550 lbs
      > empty, and was very tender stepping in at the dock.
      > Next step, trials with low power, and photos. Anybody in the
      > midcoast Maine area want to play this weekend?
      > Curtis -- aka Sal's Dad
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