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1571Re: Rescue Minor "Bingey" launched

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  • sals_dad
    Jul 9, 2007
      Photos in album (page 2 of photos section).

      Performance: with 6 hp outboard, about 6 kts.
      25 hp, kind of interesting - above 12 kts, bow dives and handling
      becomes wild. Don't dare to get anywhere near full throttle.
      Steering is very sensitive, trim has a major impact. Offsetting
      the prop a bit seems to help, but works best to turn it one way at
      low speed, the other at high (I forget which is which).

      The discussions about "suction" - not a problem. Water gushes up
      through the loose hole for the lower unit; at 12 knots it has risen
      to the transom and surges out the deck scuppers. I suppose I could
      calculate out how much pressure that is (about 16"?), and how much
      lift would be generated without the hole.

      Lots of prop ventilation from even relatively small waves, but I
      haven't tried it with a wide variety of load and trim combinations.

      One possible cause of "porpoising" might be a bit of hogging, as a
      result of weld distortions in the hull. I ground out some of that
      curve, but still need to work on it some more.

      Anybody care to help out with sea trials? Bath, Maine area.

      I am away from the computer most of the summer, but can be reached
      at 2O7 - 65O - 3235.

      Curtis, aka Sal's Dad
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