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1559Re: [AtkinBoats] Air cooled Diesels

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  • william lindahl
    Jun 28, 2007
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      Hello everyone. i don't know if this will help because i've never built one, but in the back of one of my boatbuilder magazines there is an ad that says
      CHEAP POWER TODAY: Run your boat with an economical air-cooled B+S type engine. Complete DIY manual includes for'd,neutral,and reverse gearing from cheap,easily obtained parts. Only 10.95(US$) CAPT. WOODIE OWEN P.O.Box 32172-B Charleston,SC 29417
      Like I said , I've no idea about it other than" hell yeah ". I'm wondering though, these engines are rated @ 10hp @3600 rpm, ok, but what kind of torque are we talking about from a 100pound engine? It requires some grunt to move a 2-3 ton vessel besides just HP.
      I'd like to hear from some tinker out there who has built something like woodie's gizmo. if it works i'll get to work and have some available within several weeks.
      fair seas and favorable winds to all. Bill

      D McKinney <davmc@...> wrote:
      Princess Auto, Winnipeg Canada, http://www.princessauto.com has a 10 hp
      aircooled electric start diesel in their recent sale till July 15 for
      $900. CAN
      details at
      http://www.princessauto.com/_osn.cfm?CTRY=CAN&output=OSN&Factor=2 and do
      a product search for item # 8164188
      Has anyone had any experience in adapting these engines for inboard
      power for occasional use?
      David M

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