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1545Re: Rescue Minor "Bingey" launched

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  • sals_dad
    Jun 15, 2007
      "Ronald Fossum" wrote:
      > It should move out quite nicely. I calculated the displacement of
      Rescue Minor at her 6" waterline and came up with a displacement of
      about 840lbs, so your 550 is pretty light. Should go like a scalded

      The 550 lbs is bare-naked hull. No engine or drive gear, no
      steering, floorboards, paint, or gear. I'm figuring at about double
      that displacement for the basics, if you count the skipper.
      Substantially more with crew or cargo.

      THe 1/8 aluminum weighs about the same as the 3/4 ply specified,
      plus I have a bunch of metal in the interior seats/air chambers
      (maybe as much as 200 lbs!)

      So we'll see. Some preliminary calculations using Gerr's formulas
      suggest maybe even 10 knots from the 6 HP - I'll let you know!

      Sal's Dad
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