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  • alankornhauser
    May 15, 2007
      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "slusher_ben" <pipercubdream@...>
      > Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any further information or
      > pictures concerning Atkins Perigee? I've been considering several
      > different designs for a deepwater cruiser and had even contemplated
      > circumnavigation, so much so that I have plans for Welsfords pretty
      > little Sundowner. Health issues in the family may require though
      > I stick closer to home. I was looking at Perigee as something that
      > could be sailed as a single in the Great Lakes region, a trip down
      > Intercoastal Waterway, and extensive sailing in the Caribbean.
      > that she would spend half of her time in Michigan and the other
      half at
      > my place in the Florida Keys. Perigee looks like she would fit well
      > a trailer and lend itself to several different construction methods
      > including strip, clinker, or clinker ply. Any help, thoughts, or
      > constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks.....Ben

      In my opinion:

      1. If you want to build Perigee for use in the Keys, you'd want to
      go with glass/epoxy or dynel/epoxy sheathed strip planking, for
      protection from shipworms. Clinker will not take a rigid sheathing,
      and clinker-ply is tricky to sheath.

      2. Perigee is pretty small for "extensive sailing" unless you're
      going to be very Spartan about it.
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