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1481The Vixen

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  • Neill smith
    Mar 2, 2007
      Hello to all, I'm new to this site so have not had much exposure. I'm currently attempting to gathering information on the Vixen design from the Atkin design catalouge. I have sent away for a set of study plans and am awaiting these. The main purpose of this message is to find out information from any owners or members that have had first hand exposure, ie sailing experience on a Vixen. Any info would be appreciated, for example how the design sails, her sail carrying ability, her behaviour in moderate to strong winds, how the design handle moderate to rouugh seas, how she reefs down ie wheather helm, etc I am also interested in the history of the design, how many have been built, where they located, are there any that have been built in Australia as I live in Sydney. etc. Any info from would be appreciated.


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