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  • Ken Grome
    Feb 28, 2007
      > The biggest of those Kawasakis might _just_ do for a Restless. Restless
      > wants 40-50 hp., but those V-twins are so much lighter than the old 133
      > cu. in. engines that one of them might just do the trick.
      > BUT, there's a big "but." The Kawasaki V-twins aren't marine engines. You
      > could use one in an open boat, but if you're gonna put one in an enclosed
      > engine compartment ...

      I would simply use a semi-enclosed compartment. The USCG regs are easy to
      follow here. If you want to avoid using a blower and special marinized
      engine parts just provide a certain number of square inches of open
      ventilation for every cubic foot of volume in the container ... and that's
      easy to do as follows:

      Build a box the width of the boat over the front and top of the engine, then
      leave the back side of the box completely open. Not only does this provide
      all the ventilation the USCG requires (and all the air the engine needs to
      remain cool) but it also strengthens the boat -- and gives you a nice wide
      seat in front of the engine ... :)

      > Hooking up a conventional reverse
      > gear would also be a problem.

      A cheap trolling motor would provide reverse in most situations where it might
      actually be needed, such as when docking or maneuvering in the harbor in
      close quarters. Most of the rest of the time reverse is not needed anyways,
      and during these times a simple belt drive and idler gear would provide
      neutral and forward.

      Kenneth Grome
      Bagacay Boatworks

      > > ... but Kawasaki makes a nice looking power plant that appears to be a
      > > good
      > > fit for some inboard designs. These two links show the biggest (29 HP)
      > > and
      > > smallest (16 HP) in Kawasaki's line of overhead valve water-cooled v-twin
      > > engines. They have five more models in between these sizes:
      > >
      > > http://www.kawpowr.com/4cycle/horiz_fd791d.asp
      > > http://www.kawpowr.com/4cycle/horiz_fd501d.asp
      > > ...
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