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1478Re: [AtkinBoats] An alternate engine for Restless ...

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  • Ken Grome
    Feb 28 4:31 AM
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      > Oops! The 16 hp. Kawasaki has a carburettor, but the 29 hp. one uses fuel  
      > injection. I don't know what the Powers That Be have to say about fuel  
      > injection in boats... You'd still need a marine alternator and marine  
      > starter.

      I think you only need a marine alternator and marine starter when you enclose
      the engine so much that fumes can possibly collect instead of dissipate.
      With enough ventilation (as per the regs) the fumes cannot collect so you
      don't need the special marine equipment. At least that's my read on this
      stuff the last time I looked at the regs ...

      Kenneth Grome
      Bagacay Boatworks
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