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  • John Kohnen
    Feb 28, 2007
      The biggest of those Kawasakis might _just_ do for a Restless. Restless
      wants 40-50 hp., but those V-twins are so much lighter than the old 133
      cu. in. engines that one of them might just do the trick.

      BUT, there's a big "but." The Kawasaki V-twins aren't marine engines. You
      could use one in an open boat, but if you're gonna put one in an enclosed
      engine compartment, or below deck, you'll have to use a marine carburettor
      and marine electrical equipment (the electronic ignition may be fine as it
      is if it doesn't use a distributor). Hooking up a conventional reverse
      gear would also be a problem.

      On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 19:15:18 -0800, Ken G wrote:

      > ...
      > ... but Kawasaki makes a nice looking power plant that appears to be a
      > good
      > fit for some inboard designs. These two links show the biggest (29 HP)
      > and
      > smallest (16 HP) in Kawasaki's line of overhead valve water-cooled v-twin
      > engines. They have five more models in between these sizes:
      > http://www.kawpowr.com/4cycle/horiz_fd791d.asp
      > http://www.kawpowr.com/4cycle/horiz_fd501d.asp
      > ...

      John <jkohnen@...>
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