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1458Re: [AtkinBoats] Re:Has anyone ever actually built Restless?

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  • John Kohnen
    Feb 18, 2007
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      I wonder where Wm. Atkin found a 133 cu. in. engine with reverse gear that
      only weighed 350 lbs.? I don't have any data for engines in the thirties,
      but a post 1939 Graymarine 140 cu. in. four weighs 510 lbs. with reverse
      gear but no reduction and in the "high speed" model put out 62 hp. at
      3,600 rpm. <shrug> Atkin must have not been counting the reverse gear.
      Westerbeke's 133 cu. in. diesel engine weighs 448 lbs. with reverse gear
      and puts out 55 hp. at 3,000 rpm., and their 133 cu. in. gasoline engine
      weighs 421 lbs. and puts out 66 hp. at 3,600 rpm. Either of those engines
      would be a reasonable choice for Restless. The 44 hp. Westerbeke diesel
      only weighs 416 lbs. with gear and would still make Restless scoot. I
      don't know what Westerbeke bases their gas engine on (they're just
      marinizers, not engine manufacturers) but I believe their diesels are
      based on Kubota engines. Can't get much better than that... The Westerbeke
      gas engine is ready to go into a boat and on the market today. A friend of
      mine put one into a 22' Bartender and he was real impressed with the
      performance and quality. The Westerbeke pushed the Bartender about 27 mph.
      It's probably a bit much for Restless, but not crazy, and I think it's a
      better choice than the Mercruiser (do you really want a GM motor?).

      A reduction gear won't do anything to reduce horsepower (except the little
      bit lost in the gears). You can reduce horsepower by overpropping the
      engine so it doesn't spin up to where it makes peak horsepower, but you
      can only do so much of that...

      On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 22:55:15 -0800, darryl wrote:

      > While I agree that modern diesels have more HP per LBS I do not see them
      > as a better
      > solution either. I went to Yanmar's and Westerbeke's website among
      > others. Those 40hp
      > engines weight over 500lbs with tranny. That will not work.
      > Additionally the cost of a
      > diesel is a deal breaker. While I agree (and knew all along) that 175hp
      > is a lot of
      > horsepower there are things to mitigate output RPMs such as reduction
      > drives. HP is just
      > one factor in a powertrain, as I know many of you know. However with
      > Mercruiser putting
      > out a new 1.6L I/O in a few months my dilema is solved providing I can
      > hook a ZF tranny
      > to it instead of the stern drive it comes with.

      John <jkohnen@...>
      There are two means of refuge from the misery of life - music
      and cats. <Albert Schweitzer>
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