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1436Re:Has anyone ever actually built Restless?

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  • darrylhammonds
    Feb 16, 2007
      Then it sounds like Restless is a dead design. I don't see any modern 40hp inboards being
      made. And I dont think you can mate a jetski motor to a ZF transmission


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Sal's Dad" <sals_dad@...> wrote:
      > You estimate: 175hp at 400lbs
      > So figure the whole boat, with engine gear and crew, might weigh 1200 lbs.
      > Using Crouches formula for speed (from Gerr's Propeller handbook)
      > Crouch's Constant (C) is approx 150 for average runabouts, cruisers...
      > Knots = C * Sqrt(lbs/ShaftHP)
      > Est top speed approx 55 knots, or better than 60 mph.
      > There is NO WAY Restless is designed for this kind of speed. I think it would be really
      dangerous; remember that when Atkin designed it, marine engines were MUCH heavier per
      > I suspect he had in mind something like 40HP, about right for a fun, stylish, ship-shape
      14' runabout.
      > Sal's Dad
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