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1434Re:Has anyone ever actually built Restless?

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  • Sal's Dad
    Feb 16, 2007
      You estimate: 175hp at 400lbs

      So figure the whole boat, with engine gear and crew, might weigh 1200 lbs.

      Using Crouches formula for speed (from Gerr's Propeller handbook)
      Crouch's Constant (C) is approx 150 for average runabouts, cruisers...
      Knots = C * Sqrt(lbs/ShaftHP)
      Est top speed approx 55 knots, or better than 60 mph.

      There is NO WAY Restless is designed for this kind of speed. I think it would be really dangerous; remember that when Atkin designed it, marine engines were MUCH heavier per HP.

      I suspect he had in mind something like 40HP, about right for a fun, stylish, ship-shape 14' runabout.

      Sal's Dad

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