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1431Re: [AtkinBoats] Has anyone ever actually built Restless?

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  • DirtSailor
    Feb 15, 2007
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      "There seem to be no two of us who prefer the same
      make of motor. This writer has found that all are
      pretty reliable if carefully and properly installed;
      that is most important. In the plans the motor shown
      is a four cylinder 133 cubic inch unit weighing
      approximately 350 pounds; this is about the right
      size, type and power. I would not advise anything much
      different. A motor of this power will propel the boat
      at a speed of between 25 and 26 miles an hour. There
      is a gasoline tank of 22 gallons capacity under the
      after deck which will be ample for the usual service
      expected of a boat of this character."

      Right from the designer, recommends a motor weighing
      no more than 350 lbs...


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