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1405Re: Study plans for flat-bottomed boats.

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  • Mike Dolph
    Jan 8, 2007
      Wait one, the order form states that no additional postage is
      required for study plans regardless of destination.

      Esperai'! Cesar, nao e preciso mandar dinheiro additional pra frete
      quando for pedido desenhos de estudo. Se voce for pra as paginas de
      cada desses barcos vai ver no fundo o preco de $15.00 cada e tambem
      uma link do formulario que voce deve imprimir pra fazer o pedido. No
      fundo do pagina imprimido vai ver que nao ha cargas pra correio em
      desenhos pra estudo so pra desenhos de constucao propria.

      Imprimindo e preinchindo com os nomes dos dois desenhos que voce quer
      vai precisar mandar $30.00 de uma forma usavel em uma banco no EUA.
      Eu nao sei quanto dificil este vai ser pois a Senhora Atkin pede que
      seja num banco Americano. Talvez eles podia fazer no HSBC. Senhora
      Atkin faz este servicio somente em base de dinheiro vivo ou cheque
      Estados Unidense. Seria uma peso grande demais pra fazer este
      pequeno commercio em base de credito. Comece logo porque o processo
      e demorada; pode custar mais de uma mes pra atualmente receber os
      desenhos ate aqui no EUA.

      Seu Ingles e bem melhor que este meu Potugese so faco este explicacao
      porque pode ser alguma palavra estranho confundir e voce desiste.


      Ceasar, it's not necessary to send extra money for freight when
      ordering study plans. If you go to the pages of each of these boats
      you will find a price of $15.00 each for study plans and a link to
      the order page which you should print to order the study plans. At
      the bottom of the printed page you will see there are no
      international charges for study plans; only actual construction plans.

      Fill out the names of the two boats you wish study plans for and you
      will need to send $30.00 in a form usable at a United States bank.
      I'm not sure how difficult this will be for you but Mrs. Atkins asks
      that checks be on an American bank. Perhaps they could do this at
      HSBC. Mrs. Atkin provides this service only on a cash basis or
      checks on an American Bank. It would be too much of a weight for
      this small business to operate on credit. Start now because the
      process is slow; it can take more than a month to recieve plans even
      here in the United States.

      Your english is much better than my potugese; I only made this
      explanation in case a strange word might confuse you and cause you to
      give up on the idea.

      ************end translation********

      Mike Dolph

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "derbyrm" <derbyrm@...> wrote:
      > Both Matty, and Missie and Laurie are shown in the on-line catalog:
      > http://www.atkinboatplans.com:80/
      > one in the "sailboats under 30' " and one in the "sailboats over 30'
      > Click on the "Print Out Order Form," print it, fill it out with
      your name and address and the study plans you want, arrange for a
      money order on a US Bank for $45, and send it to the address on the
      order form. It may take a few weeks, but that will get you the study
      plans you want. The $45 covers two study plan sets at $15 each and
      also the $15 foreign postage.
      > Roger (Your English is better than that of many who post to these
      > derbyrm@...
      > http://home.insightbb.com/~derbyrm
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: caesar1.rm
      > To: AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, January 08, 2007 7:13 AM
      > Subject: [AtkinBoats] Study plans for flat-bottomed boats.
      > Dear friends,
      > I would Like to know where I can buy study plans for Missie and
      > - A 45' Double-Ended Sharpie Sloop by William & Jonh Atkin - and
      > - A 29' Flat-bottomed Ketch by William Atkin. I apologize for my
      > terrible English. Thank you very much.
      > Your friend in Brazil,
      > C├ęsar
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