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1334Aluminum Rescue Minor - Progress!

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  • sals_dad
    Nov 3, 2006
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      After a long delay, there is progress on Rescue Minor! I have
      posted pictures in the photo section - there's still plenty left,
      but about 2/3 of the welding is done, and I have been working on
      interior and details. Installing the pipe rails helps a lot; there
      was a lot of waviness in the gunwale panels, and the rails
      straighten and stiffen it up, and camouflage the flaws. I am really
      glad I did a trial dory 5 years ago, it is a comfort to know that
      all the surface variations and flaws will fade in just a few years.

      To turn the hull, I built a variation of Alex Haddens "Rotisserie".
      By bolting a pipe to the transom, and hanging the bow from my
      garage's rafter tails with a come-along, it's a one person job to
      raise and lower the hull, and turn it to any angle, for comfortable

      For mechanicals, on Ebay I have bought:

      - Hurth transmission - the 2:1 reduction is wrong, but a year of
      searching didn't turn up a 1.5:1 (still too much reduction, but the
      closest they make) I can always shell out $1000 for the 1.5:1, or
      maybe get brave and follow Robb White's example of creative
      - TWO used Kubota 722's - the motor Robb raved about. I can't wait
      to get them - hope they run! Ebay is always a risk, but the price
      was good... Unfortunately the auction for the better engine closed
      first, so I bought the first one cheap, and then continued bidding
      on the one I really wanted...

      Today my son's kindergarten class visited, to get their first lesson
      in boatbuilding. Now THAT was fun! They all got to try out a real
      drill, hold a propeller, try on my face shield, practice putting on
      life jackets. I asked them what boats can be made from, and aside
      from the usual boring materials, they proposed some great new ideas
      to try out - Rocks and bricks were the most promising!

      Sal's Dad
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