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1332Lofting Naiad

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  • Leo
    Nov 1, 2006
      As you might remember I posted some weeks ago about building Naiad
      with a different interior arrangement - same outside, just a (IMO)
      more user friendly interior.

      I'm now lofting the lines from the offset table into AutoCAD.
      Everything is going peachy except... What the heck do I do with the
      empty spaces in the table?

      An example for 1/2 breadths:

      On the sheer - sta. 4 is 3-11.5; sta. 5 is 4-3.5 and then nothing
      abaft of station 5. But the sheer runs all the way to the stern.

      But the deck line has numbers from bow to stern. If one looks at the
      drawings on the web site <http://www.atkinboatplans.com/> one can
      easily see that the tumblehome is present and apparently not defined
      on the sheer and L.L. 6.

      So is this a case of sprining a batten and let the lines fall where
      they may? Or is there some other technique that I'm uneducated in to
      arrive at the proper distance numbers?

      Thanks for any help you might provide.