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1311Re: [AtkinBoats] Barrie & Lady Joan

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  • Chris Kottaridis
    Oct 9, 2006
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      Thanks. She very graciously did offer the Lady Joan sail plan with the
      purchase of the plans for Barrie.

      Before I commit though, I have to ask about Jabberwock. If it had a yawl
      rig, it would probably be a better answer for me as I do want to be able
      to trailer my boat from reservoir to reservoir a couple of times a year.
      I've convinced myself I could do that here with Barrie. Since it's under
      5000 lbs and I think I can get 3' 6" of draft in the reservoirs that I
      have gone and checked on.

      But, in general how does one go about getting a rig change for Atkin
      designs ? I certainly am not up to the task. Is there a qualified person
      that is familiar with these designs to make these kinds of significant
      changes ?


      Chris Kottaridis (chriskot@...)

      On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 22:13 -0700, John Kohnen wrote:
      > If you tell Mrs. Atkin what you're up to she could send you the Lady Joan
      > sail plan drawing instead of the Barrie one, or send you both sail plans
      > for a modest extra fee for the extra drawing. Email her and make
      > arrangements before placing your order.
      > On Fri, 22 Sep 2006 22:30:03 -0700, Chris K wrote:
      > > Barrie is a round hull version of Lady Joan's V bottom hull. Barrie also
      > > has a sloop rig compared to Lady Joan's yawl rig. The write up on the
      > > web site for Barrie says you could put Lady Joan's yawl rig on Barrie.
      > >
      > > Do you suppose if a person wanted to do that he'd need to buy both sets
      > > of plans ?
      > > ...
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