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1276Re: Rescue Minor Model

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  • windmill4048
    Sep 2, 2006
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      Ok, please help me understand what I am looking at in the plans.

      In both the framing and line drawing plans there is an arched line
      shown running from the transom to just foreward of sta. 9. In the
      framing plans this is shown as a solid piece of wood from the middle
      of sta. 10-11 to the transom. That piece of wood is shown as the
      top of the tunnel and over the rudder and prop.

      What am I looking at?

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, Hugo Tyson <hhetyson@...> wrote:
      > Yes I think the model looks pretty spot on also after just having
      a look at the RM plans.
      > John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote: The plans show the top of the
      reverse V going aft pretty straight from the
      > sternpost, look at the body plan on the lines to get a better
      idea. What
      > might look like a downward curve on the profile is actually the
      top of the
      > rudder. I think Rich got the shape right in his model.
      > On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 06:43:17 -0700, windmill4048 wrote:
      > > ...
      > > In comparing them to the plans it looks like the model does not
      > > capture the tunnel shape well at all. The plans show an arc in
      > > top of the tunnel running from the forward end to the aft end. I
      > > don't see that present in the model pictures. It may just be my
      > > poor eyesight. Was that one of the simplifying moves that had to
      > > made to make the construction work?
      > >
      > > This shape is important, suspect, since it would tend to add a
      > > of fluid dynamic lift to the flow of the water running under the
      > > boat. I keep seeing ol' Bernoulli hanging around there.
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