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  • sals_dad
    Jul 30, 2006
      --- Rob Rohde-Szudy wrote:
      > John, I think you might have just answered one of my questions. I
      bet Atkin heard about the planking difficulty on RM, and that's why
      he drew SR with the sides as three batten sea, plywood planks, even
      though they look like they could be a single sheet. Maybe I'll make
      that model big enough to see if there are errors in the table of
      offsets. --Rob

      My model showed there were some difficulties in the bow, but at 1/4
      scale, and 1/8 Masonite sheathing, it was hard to tell just where
      the problem is. Take another look at the photos I posted; there are
      a lot of the bow. You will see that I used come-alongs and 1/4"
      threaded rod to try to pull the panels in, and still wound up with
      the foward bottom about 2" fuller than Atkin showed. The box keel
      (deadwood) section was even harder to twist. And I never did
      resolve the issue with the midships transition; wound up cutting it
      to "relax" the panels.

      The model I did of Shoals Runner, 1/3 (or was it 30%?) scale, 1/8
      lauan, was a bit better for checking the shape. But in that case I
      was careful only on the lower panels, and had some fun with the
      topsides (I don't care for the styling, or Normand stern). I wound
      up making the entire bottom and tunnel out of a single panel; seemed
      to work fine.

      How about a 2/3 or 3/4 scale model? 3/4 bottom, 1/4 everywhere
      else... Try it out with a 6 hp, or big electric motor?

      As to my progress, the welder I am working with has had a number of
      unrelated issues which have delayed him; she's been sitting in his
      driveway for a month...

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