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1185Re: Lewis' Boat

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  • Lewis E. Gordon
    Jul 16 11:26 AM

      Thanks, but there is NO plywood available here. I will look up the
      plan you mentioned and see if it could be adapted for plank on frame.
      Here in Nicaragua, the exterior plywood (if you can find it) is called
      "marino", but it is FAR from bing marine quality. It barely qualifies
      as exterior, although the glue used is fine. I have used quite a bit
      as forming for construction, and the outer plies are so thin I can
      peel them off with glue from a hot glue gun.

      I have the plans for Culler's 18' Fast Outboard (based on the 16
      footer also included). The 24' version is a BIG boat, heavier than I
      want to tackle now. I now wish I had ordered more of Pete's plans when
      they were easily available. I may build the 18' version, but stretched
      to 19' or so.

      Granada, Nicaragua

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, Rob Rohde-Szudy <robrohdeszudy@...>
      > Hell, Lewis, I think you have too much power for what you want to
      do! I doubt you need over 25 hp for what you're after. A plywood
      design that leaps to mind is the SkiffAmerica20.
      > You might look up the book "Pete Culler's Boats". The Fast Outboard
      for Commodore Percy Chubb would make good use of that power. It's 24
      feet by 7 feet. Draft of 23". Pages 103-105. He mentions that an 18'
      version exists.
      > But if you're building plank on frame, you can look through the
      lines of the real golden oldies and loft what you like.
      > --Rob
      > Now to keep this long post on topic, if anyone knows of an Atkins
      > design to hang my 40 HP off the transom I would like to hear your
      > ideas, as I just haven't found anything I like. The requirements are:
      > to use on a very large lake with a wicked short and steep chop, cruse
      > speed of 15-18 mph at about 2/3 throttle, and to be built plank on
      > frame (no plywood available).
      > Lewis
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