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  • Dennis
    Jul 10, 2006
      Rob, Surprise might look pretty good built as an open boat and the
      motor left at home. If a Sharpie was suitable for these waters around
      here, I could out run the storm, just like Capt Munroe.:-) I have
      only had to outrun one storm in the 5 years I have been sailing here.
      Unfortunately, that system sucked all the wind out of the air and
      caused me to row two miles to the ramp before the devil broke loose.
      Barely made it, too:-O. A motor would have been nice on that day.


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, Rob Rohde-Szudy
      <robrohdeszudy@...> wrote:
      > Hey Dennis,
      > Roger is exactly right that L Michigan is rougher than the ocean.
      It's only like 500' deep at the most. That's under half the length of
      many of the freighters on it! Shallow water means vertical chop.
      > The suggestion of a Chebbaco is a good one. They're rather heavy,
      though. For taking on that kind of water and still trailer well, I
      think you could do no better than a Michalak Caprice. 900 lbs empty,
      water ballasted. Chuck Leinweber of DiwckworksMagazine.com built the
      prototype. It looks to me like a good match for L. Michigan. At least
      as good as you can get while trailering. You can read about Chuck's
      adventures on the above site.
      > Now, if you're stuck on building an Atkin design, I'd consider
      Big Surprise. A sailboat, but if the horizon starts looking dark you
      can jump up on plane and run for it at 18 mph. That's a damned nice
      feature. 'Course you have to build it in lapstrake.
      > --Rob
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