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1135Re: air cooled engines

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  • Rob Rohde-Szudy
    Jun 5, 2006
      Hey Ron,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. That was about what I'd guessed but it's good to hear it from someone who actually tried it.

      I spent a lot of hours experimenting with an air cooled generator set
      a while back. The exhaust sound was rather quickly shut down with the
      third generation muffler I built. The greatest source of noise is the
      cooling fins. Each one acts like a speaker cone on every cycle of the
      piston. It can be tamed with insulation and ducting but only at the
      expense of a large amount of space consumed. The problem is you have
      to ensure adequate air flow for cooling. This means long baffled
      inlet and outlet chambers. Buried in the bilge of an otherwise large
      boat you might stand a chance of success. Probably not at all
      appropriate to an open launch.

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