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1105Re: Larger Seabrights

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  • sals_dad
    May 31, 2006
      After "proving" the Atkin Tunnel-Stern designs (two successful
      vessels, by master craftsmen, provide a start, but...) perhaps the
      next frontier will be scalability.

      I have frequently read that you can scale a design by about 10%, maybe
      a bit more if you simply stretch out the stations. (This works out to
      displacement of about 75% to 133% of the original) Beyond this
      supposedly creates a new design, but I am fuzzy as to "why" this is

      There are no designers working with this hull form, (Gerr has used
      elements to improve the efficiency of his big "trawlers" but that is
      another discussion!) so perhaps it is up to us amateurs to do some

      I like the idea of a mini-version (though 12'/7hp sounds way
      overpowered - figure 25% of RM's displacement!). And, as previously
      noted, I am interested in a zero-draft, super-durable, day-cruising
      utility for 6-8 or more passengers.

      But the hydrodynamics (another field in which I have nothing to
      contribute!) of this design are daunting; even if it were possible to
      get the attention of a qualified engineer, all the calculations in the
      world won't take the place of a bit of inspiration, and a dozen


      Rob Rohde-Szudy wrote:
      > Robb was definitely interested in Little Water. But he was working
      hardest on a SMALLER version of Rescue Minor. Like 12 feet and 7 hp or
      so. Sort of like a tunnel version of his Sport Boat. Sure with he'd
      lived to finish that one.
      > As for larger seabrights, yeah, Little Water looks great. So do
      Nanuk III and one of my favorites in Spermaciti. But these all draw
      quite a bit more water, so you don't get to do some of the things that
      Rescue Minor can do. Something to be aware of.
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