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  • jhkohnen@boat-links.com
    Jan 11, 2004
      William "Billy" Atkin and his son John designed boats for the better part of
      the 20th century. Good boats and sensible boats mostly; sailboats that can
      be built without breaking the bank, but will give pleasure for years;
      motorboats that give good speed with modest power -- and modest wakes. The
      kind of boats that not only make their owners and passengers happy, but also
      brighten the day for others sharing the water with them. The world would be
      a better place with more Atkin boats on the water.

      Of the more than 900 designs produced by William and John Atkin, well over a
      third were intended for amateur construction and published in MoToR BoatinG
      magazine. One plan per month (with the exception of a few multi-part
      articles), every month, from the early 1920s to the late 1950s! The current
      catalog of Atkin plans, over 200 of them, consists mainly of designs first
      published in MoToR BoatinG. The designs date from a time when amateur
      boatbuilders were assumed to be handier than they're supposed to be now --
      these aren't instant boats -- but they're generally not complicated boats
      either, and many could be adapted to more modern construction techniques.

      Some time ago Pat Atkin, John's widow, approached me about putting together
      a Web page for the Atkin designs. After some hemming and hawing, I'm now
      working on the site, and have a fair part of the design catalog online. In
      time, I intend to add some biographical material and photos of boats built
      to Atkin plans:


      I've also got an incomplete index of the MoToR BoatinG Ideal Series, the
      bound collections of articles from the magazine:


      Most of the Atkin boats are just as good today as they were when designed. I
      hope this group, and the online catalog, will inspire the building of more
      good boats.

      BTW, that's Eric at the top of the group's Web page.

      John <jkohnen@...>
      One boat just leads to another.
      <John Kohnen>
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