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739Re: [Aten_Clothiers] Aggravating Silk Thread

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  • Paula
    Mar 11, 2012
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      I would imagine that the Silk Women of London were taken care of by their Guild and didn't do ANY work that would have made their hands rough. I use Aquaphor on my nails and it makes all the difference.

      Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 9:46 AM
      Subject: [Aten_Clothiers] Aggravating Silk Thread

      I need help!
      I am helping with Tatiana’s elevation gown by embroidering her shirt collar. I have never used silk thread to embroider with before. (I KNOW! Right?) Here’s my issue: my hands are so rough that I keep snagging the thread. My hands are nowhere NEAR as rough as Leot’s (sorry Leot for throwing you under the bus) but I’m destroying the thread. I have put on hand lotion  which helps a little. I slather lotion on at night hoping my hands with be soft and smooth in the morning. It helps a little. I wash with a moisturizing hand soap quite often because the plague is still going around my house and I don’t want to use too much lotion for fear it will soil the collar.
      My questions are:
      Is there anything I can coat the thread with which might help with this problem?
      What the HECK did people in period do about rough hands?
      Was the silk thread different in period?
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