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733Re: [Aten_Clothiers] Aggravating Silk Thread

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  • Diane Lynn
    Mar 10, 2012
      All very good suggestions! I will start with the Wool Wax Crème, (didn’t even THINK of that!), then move onto experimentations with wax. Thank you ladies!
      Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 12:15 PM
      Subject: Re: [Aten_Clothiers] Aggravating Silk Thread

      I have beeswax in abundance (as in pounds of it). We can melt down your scraps and add in some of mine, making new forms for you.


      ---- Paula Sorensen <mailto:mt_fishwife%40yahoo.com> wrote:

      I only have one suggestion.  Have you tried the Wool Wax Creme I gave you?  If you use a small amount, it soaks in very quickly.  (Yes, you can use too much.)  It really does help with alligator skin.  It has been so dry lately I have been using it a lot. 

      I used the beeswax as suggested.  It did help.  (I really should get more but I think I will wait until the next project.  Mine is from Joann's from quite a while back and is getting rather hard to work with.)

      Good luck!


      From: Diane Lynn <mailto:dianelynn%40cox.net>
      To: mailto:Aten_Clothiers%40yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 9:46 AM
      Subject: [Aten_Clothiers] Aggravating Silk Thread

      I need help!
      I am helping with Tatiana’s elevation gown by embroidering her shirt
      collar. I have never used silk thread to embroider with before. (I KNOW! Right?)
      Here’s my issue: my hands are so rough that I keep snagging the thread. My hands
      are nowhere NEAR as rough as Leot’s (sorry Leot for throwing you under the bus)
      but I’m destroying the thread. I have put on hand lotion  which helps a
      little. I slather lotion on at night hoping my hands with be soft and smooth in
      the morning. It helps a little. I wash with a moisturizing hand soap quite often
      because the plague is still going around my house and I don’t want to use too
      much lotion for fear it will soil the collar.
      My questions are:
      Is there anything I can coat the thread with which might help with this
      What the HECK did people in period do about rough hands?
      Was the silk thread different in period?

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