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731Re: [Aten_Clothiers] Aggravating Silk Thread

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  • Jacquelin normandy
    Mar 10, 2012
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      I have had the same problem.  What I do is wear the thin white gloves while I embroder( think of the little old ladys that gamble when machines used coin and didnt want to get there hands dirty).  Another suggestion would be to use perhaps would be the latex gloves they use in the hospitial, although I think that those might be more an issue than a help.   I believe that in the olden days, they would have used a very thin gloves when  they did thier embroidery not only to help with the thread but to keep the material clean as possible.  Of course, I dont really have proof, but logically it would make some sense.  I am not sure what to put on the actual thread and i am not sure what they would have.  Maybe some bee's wax, the wax I have used on regular thread (havent tried it on embrodery thread, silk or floss) but I know it helps with normal thread.  I hope this helps a bit....
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      From: Diane Lynn <dianelynn@...>
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      Subject: [Aten_Clothiers] Aggravating Silk Thread

      I need help!
      I am helping with Tatiana’s elevation gown by embroidering her shirt collar. I have never used silk thread to embroider with before. (I KNOW! Right?) Here’s my issue: my hands are so rough that I keep snagging the thread. My hands are nowhere NEAR as rough as Leot’s (sorry Leot for throwing you under the bus) but I’m destroying the thread. I have put on hand lotion  which helps a little. I slather lotion on at night hoping my hands with be soft and smooth in the morning. It helps a little. I wash with a moisturizing hand soap quite often because the plague is still going around my house and I don’t want to use too much lotion for fear it will soil the collar.
      My questions are:
      Is there anything I can coat the thread with which might help with this problem?
      What the HECK did people in period do about rough hands?
      Was the silk thread different in period?

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