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FW: [AtGeVol] Re: Searchable Vienna BMD records

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  • Francesco di Toronto
    Hi, In the event you have not already used some of the below suggestions, I hope the following will be helpful to you. 1) University of Vienna, Reference
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2011

               In  the event you have not already used some of the below suggestions, I hope the following will be helpful to you.
            1)  University of Vienna, Reference Library........The best access is to get their telephone number via the International Telephone Operator. 
              Get the timedifference from the Tel. the Operator.    They may be several hours ahead, should you wish to phone the Reference Librarian.
               If you use the computer/Internet...go to the website for the University of Vienna ,and use their E-kmail address...and request a reply.
          2) The University of Vienna's Reference Librarian may also be able to give you the *name and telephone number/website "for their Military
                Museum, which may be able to furnish you with more historical background to that period and where to search too.
           3l If there are old Census Records for Vienna , they may be archived with the office of the Magistrate of Vienna (this may be their website:
               < magwien.gov.at >  Do check this too with the Reference Librarian
          4)  Also try the genealogy resources for England's military.to search for the Father which may help find his son. Since the father was 
               British the son must have been born there.  The Internet may be able to offer
            Happy Hunting!          Kitty

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      There are links in this group to city sources in Wien which you can contact to further your research ... use the phone book and make a Dalmeny surname list you may wish to write to.

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      > We are seeking the possible birth in Vienna of Angus Dalmeny circa 1865 to 1875 son of British soldier serving the Military Attaché of that period. No record of him has been found in UK records.
      > We would welcome any suggestions on how to search the records in
      > Austria and any reference to the surname Dalmeny.

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