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Life is Hallmark's Precious Moments and the Stories and Family History They Te

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    Having spent the better part of a day last week organizing last years Christmas pictures into groups of who s who and what was what, then into the frames I had
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2010
      Having spent the better part of a day last week organizing last years Christmas pictures into groups of who's who and what was what, then into the frames I had purchased some time ago and finally, either finding a home for them in my living room and hallway or setting them on the china cabinets and bureaus; I stepped back to evaluate my handiwork. I began to see story lines in the individual photographs and in the different ways I had combined them. Starting something new for 09, I decided to write the specifics with a little detail for each for everyone to read. It helps me to remember the nuts and bolts of singular and combined photos and the stories they tell when we listen. There is nothing worse than looking at them, sitting neatly arranged with such care and having no clue as to the who, the why or the where of them.
      Knowing the stories behind your photos allows you to cherish your memories and loved ones even more fully. As time moves on it becomes more important to remember the people and friends that pass and have passed through your life. I am in the process of collecting for the montage I am planning to make of the smaller impressions I have had in my box for an age now. When finished, as this will take quite some time to do, it will turn out as a composition of complete and partial photographs and prints that I have gathered from various family members and from my own store, superimposed to make a blended whole picture of one aspect of my life; my own personal section of genealogy of the folks, dwellings and pets that have made up an significant part of my past. Its not unlike writing your memoirs, where you would write a narrative of your life experiences that you have undergone, except its done with images.
      If the written word gives detail to a story, illustrations bring the words to life and arouse keen awareness to vivid recollections of the hallmark moments of our lives. My mother-in-law being 91 years young has difficulty recalling, so I always write a note concerning each one to aid her mind's eye. Visuals make it easier for her to recapture past events and it is a more pleasant way to reminisce and animate those parts and pieces that brought the most joy and the best out in us. I have a large multi wall casing dedicated to my cats! Do not underestimate or forget your pets, they are a large part of your family also and they give endless pleasure. Just give two five-month-old kittens a paper bag and a small rug and watch the story unfold through my little goof-balls antics; watch as they carry a toilet paper insert around the house in their mouth! Their stories are endless too.
      I use the most beautiful panels the Dollar Stores in my area stock. You do not have to pay a small fortune or use up your monthly savings to decorate your home with past or present remembrances. To do this properly, when I develop my films I ask for only one set, I never do doubles! A mat finish is easier on the wallet than glossy and the one-hour wait is all I need to do the rest of my shopping. After I get them home, I relax with a cup of my favourite flavoured coffee and set about anxiously looking through them, picking out the ones I want duplicates of and deciding which will go into what border by arranging them together according to person, place, thing and circumstance. Sometimes I do the animal, mineral, vegetable thing with my 'undecided' pile! I document the times and residences; the adventures and inhabitants involved then add some minor points of each occurrence. If it's a picture of my pet, I do the same. My sister scrapbooks all her photos, this I confess is something I have not yet tried but I will definitely be looking into. Again the Dollar Stores can be your best friend, having a wide range of interesting and unique stickers, acid-free papers, cards, ribbons, pens, stamps and whole kits for beginners... an endless array of items and for the few dollars that can be budgeted for, you can walk out of there with a bag or two full of carefully chosen themes that will enhance every snapshot and turn them into the best storytelling device in your home.
      I enjoy being surrounded by the rank and file of my family and friends; I appreciate my carefully chosen and framed memories all the more because my husband and I live in one Canadian Province and our kin live in another. We do have two relations of my husband who live in Alberta also but the rest of his family are spread pretty wide across Canada, ranging from BC to Ontario to PEI, while my relations live in BC. Email is a wonderful way to stay in touch, is cheaper than long-distance calling and better by far than snail-mail but photostats really are worth a thousand words and provide a constant reminder of missed relatives.
      My main New Years Resolution is to organize my portrait panorama into a wall exhibit and thus bring my home alive with our whole clan, then join the current scrap-booking craze that has taken the country by storm over the 2008. What are your plans concerning your Kodak moments this twelvemonth?
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