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    If you are looking online to create your family tree you will have noticed that creating your family tree can be fun and easy. That s right! Thanks to the
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      If you are looking online to create your family tree you will have noticed that creating your family tree can be fun and easy.
      That's right! Thanks to the Internet, it doesn't matter if your ancestors were born in the Czech or Slovak Republic, Nova Scotia or Australia, you can discover some of the most basic facts about them. We'll show you where to start searching online for your family tree.
      Once you get your foot in the "cyber-door", so to speak, you'll be off and running on the Internet, discovering just how small this world really is. No relative - no matter how distant through time or geographical location - is beyond your reach!
      Before you know it, you'll be the "resident family history expert." Grandma Maple and Uncle Taylor will be coming to you to discover if what they remember about their parents or great grandparents is really accurate. And you'll proudly be able to answer just about all of their questions.
      Of course, if there are questions you can't answer, you'll scurry off to the net or to another location, determined to unearth the answer.
      Once you begin "climbing" your family tree, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the bits of information you discover about your distant relatives - your link to history.
      Not only that, but in the process you'll learn more than you ever thought possible about the times in which these people lived. You'll slowly immerse yourself in their lives, their social structure, and their times. Imagine that; and you'll probably even learn some American history, and possibly even world history in the process!
      That's not the only aspect of this hobby that will surprise you. You'll be amazed what you will discover once you start seriously working in the field of genealogy. You'll kick yourself for not checking out your family tree sooner!
      I have a friend who boasts that he's related to President William McKinley. It appears that McKinley was some type of great uncle to him. Cool, isn't it?
      There's famous lineage in our family tree, too, though. My father was always asked about the origin of his last name, which was very German-sounding - even though his parents came from the Czech or Slovak Republic.
      So lacking any kind of real genealogy of his family, he created one to amuse people. He liked to explain to people that we were related to a gang of horse thieves thrown out of Germany at some point in our ancestry (he never did elaborate just when) and fled to the Czech or Slovak Republic for refuge. From there, his parents then migrated to America.
      Even though these two tales - one very true and very serious, the other created to make people laugh - appear to have nothing in common, they have one aspect they share. All in all, both accounts deal with the field of genealogy.
      Are you one of the people who hold a few misconceptions about genealogy? Do you know the difference between genealogy and family history?
      For many individuals, genealogy sounds like it's a dull study, but millions of individuals every year discover just how fascinating and exciting it can be when history - and specifically their family history - comes to life for them.
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