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RE: [AtGeVol] Brichta, Brychta

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  • Elfriede Grillmair
    Hello, Gennady - I would suggest that you take a look at the Austrian telephone book at http://www.etb.at . There are several dozen Brychtas listed and they
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 2004
      Hello, Gennady -

      I would suggest that you take a look at the Austrian telephone book at
      http://www.etb.at . There are several dozen Brychtas listed and they all
      seem to live in or around Vienna, though none of them in Piesting. Since
      Brychta is not at all a common name, I wouldn't be surprised if they are all
      descendants of your great-grandfather's brothers. I would suggest that you
      write to all of them (I did that in my own search for uncommon names among
      my ancestors) and perhaps one of them is also interested in family history
      and can give you some information about your common ancestors. Though most
      Austrians learn English in school nowadays, be sure to write your letter in
      German, possibly including photocopies of the pictures you have.

      If you don't know any German, I could possibly help you out with the
      translation. I was born and raised in Vienna but emigrated to Canada nearly
      50 years ago. Also, I somehow can sympathize with your great-grandfather as
      several of my uncles and great-uncles had to serve on the Russian front
      during the First World War and I read many books about the lives of these
      war veterans who also got caught up in the Russian Revolution. You have
      quite an adventurous story to tell about your ancestor!

      Good luck in your search!
      Elfriede Grillmair
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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      I am looking for my ancestors in Austria. My wife's great-
      grandfather was born in 1893, approx. 17 November in a village
      Grenau (Gruenau). His name was Franz Brichta (Brychta). I know that
      he worked as a carpenter in Vienna. From Vienna he goes to army.
      Then he was wounded in a battle near Russian city Rovno in 1914 and
      he was captured by Russian soldiers and then, after military
      hospital, he lived in Astrakhan till 1941 year. Then he was exiled
      as Austrian to Kazakhstan where he lived the rest of his life.
      Communist regim didn't let him return to Austria or even write
      letters to his relatives. He died in 1957 year in Semipalatinsk
      (Kazakhstan) and we know very few about our ancestors.

      We know only that he had 2, or 3 brothers. One brother was 1890 year
      of birth, second brother was 1896 year of birth. They lived in
      PIESTING, I have a postcard to my great-grandfather from them, but
      it was written in 30.06.1915 by a pencil, so I can read only some
      letters in it.

      You can see photos of brothers and postcard (front and rear sides)
      on my page http://varchar.narod.ru/ancestors.html, so please, look
      at it. Maybe you can recognize some people and places on photos.

      With hope,

      Gennady Samokhin,



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