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[AtGen] 1890 Immigrants from Austria, Poland, and Galicia

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  • Rehling Herbert
    Dear Dr. Relles, did you already finish your index and put it onto the Internet? Thanks in advance, Herbert
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2000
      Dear Dr. Relles,
      did you already finish your index and put it onto the Internet?
      Thanks in advance, Herbert

      > -----Urspruengliche Nachricht-----
      > Von: Howard Relles [mailto:rellesh@...]
      > Gesendet am: Samstag, 11. Maerz 2000 15:30
      > An: atgevol@...
      > Betreff: [AtGen] 1890 Immigrants from Austria, Poland, and Galicia
      > Austrian Genealogy Discussion Group
      > Dear Sir or Madam,
      > I am nearing the completion of my Index of 1890 NY Ship's Arrival
      > Records of those who responded to the "citizenship" question
      > as Poland,
      > Austria, or Galicia. I still have not found my own grandparents so I
      > will next begin the search of the 1891 ships. (The P.S. below is my
      > standard addition to all look-up requests I get.) I am writing to you
      > to see if you could direct me to the person who might be able to put
      > this index up on your (or other) web-site.
      > The total number of names will be about 45,000. The index is all on
      > an Excel-98 spreadsheet, prepared on my Macintosh Powerbook
      > G3 and saved
      > on ZipDisks that I can send you. The fields are: First Name, Last
      > Name, Soundex Code, Microfilm Number, Ship Name, Ship Number, Date of
      > Arrival into NY, Line Number in the ship's record, and an abbreviation
      > (w = with relatives, p = Poland, g = Galicia, d = deleted (did not
      > sail), and m = misc. additional list (other than the main steerage one
      > for the ship; often there were separate numbered lists for 1st class,
      > for example)). The abbreviation field is left blank if the
      > person was a
      > citizen of Austria.
      > I will probably be finished in a week or so. We will then
      > be away on
      > vacation for 2 weeks so it is possible that this will lead to
      > a delay in
      > my response to any emails of yours that arrive after March 20th.
      > I also plan to print-out the index so that NARA patrons can
      > use it in
      > the search rooms in Pittsfield, New York, and Washington. I am not
      > looking for any remuneration at all, just hoping this will be of
      > interest to many genealogists. Similarly, I would only give
      > it to those
      > sites that would not charge for its use. Also, according to NARA, no
      > copywriting will be possible.
      > Thanks in advance for all your help. How should we proceed?
      > Sincerely,
      > Dr. Howard M. Relles
      > P.S.: Explanation:
      > While searching for my grandparents among 1890 immigrant ship's
      > arrivals into New York (using the microfilmed records at the National
      > Archives and Records Administration, NARA), I have been preparing an
      > index of all of those who indicated that they were citizens
      > of Austria,
      > Poland, and Galicia; this index is now up to about 43,000 names. In
      > about a month, I plan to put the completed index (should be
      > about 45,000
      > names) onto the Internet at several sites for everyone's free use.
      > Subsequently, I am planning to do the same for the 1891 arrivals. (It
      > may be of interest to you that the LDS, in conjunction with Ellis
      > Island, is currently preparing a computerized list of all those (not
      > just Austrian, Polish, and Galician citizens) who came through Ellis
      > Island between 1892 and 1924. This will be a great boon to
      > genealogists. Additionally, for your information if you are just
      > beginning your search, indices of ship's arrivals already do exist at
      > NARA: (a) 1897-1902 Alphabetic Index; and (b) 1902-1943 Soundex Index.
      > These are only about 85-90% complete and are not on computer but they
      > are still a wonderful source.
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