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  • Ing. Felix Gundacker
    Dear Betty! I want indroduce myself, also to the list: I am a professional genealogist and do research in Austria, Bohemia and Moravia. But I also will help
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000
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      Dear Betty!

      I want indroduce myself, also to the list:
      I am a professional genealogist and do research in Austria, Bohemia and
      But I also will help listmembers with by knowhow. Please, understand the
      difference between help and research(=work).

      I have a lot of tips on my site in german and english language.
      Please, note too, that I published a lot of usefull books for genealogical
      research in Austria, Bohemia, Moravia.

      Now to your problem:
      Schima and Prohaska are two czech names. Of course, there have been a lot of
      chechs in Vienna and Austria.
      in 1800 Vienna had a population of about 240.000, in 1860 about 640.000, and
      in 1910 about 2.1 million - more than Vienna has now (about 1.8 million).

      I know Vienna very well (not only because I have my office here), but also
      because I made an general index of all catholic marriages between 1542 and
      1850/1860. Before 1859 there is NO general index of anything here in Vienna,
      but we have about 70 parishes before, so difficult to find any birth- or
      marriage-record. This was the reason, why I made this index of marriages.

      What I find curious is, that Josef Shima (possible the correct spelling is
      SCHIMA, former SIMA with a ^ on the S) is born in 1817, and his wife in
      1843. So he married in the age of 45, and she with 19? Please, confirm.
      Prohaska (and it´s different spellings) is a common name here in Vienna.
      That makes it more difficult.

      Do you know the first names of the parentes of the both? This would help
      extremly! Do you know professions of the parentes, anything else of other
      names, locations?

      If you have any additional questions, please, dont hesitate to contact me

      With best regards,
      Felix Gundacker
      professional genealogist for Austria, Bohemia and Moravia
      IHFF Genealogie Gesellschaft mbH
      A-1190 WIEN, Pantzergasse 30/8
      Tel = +43 1 369 97 29
      Fax = +43 1 369 97 30
      email: <IHFF@...>
      <http://ihff.nwy.at/index.htm/> in english language
      <http://ihff.nwy.at/indexa.htm/> in deutscher Sprache

      betty Harney schrieb:

      > hello, I would like to tell you about the families I'm searching for;
      > My husband's maternal Great Grandfather's name was Joseph Shima, b.1817
      > in Veinna, Austria. He migrated to America and in his 45 year, he
      > married Mary Prohaska (Prochazka) who also was born in Veinna in 1843.
      > Her father had brought her to America at 11 year's of age after her
      > mother had passed away. We have very good records of them here in
      > America but haven't been able to trace them in Veinna. I have been in
      > touch with the LDS Family Library. Can you suggest What I should do
      > next? I would appreciate your input. Thank you.
      > Betty
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