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46[AtGen] Re: mystery grandfather: someone knows something.

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  • Peter Batek
    Nov 1, 1999
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      there are many Weingerl living in Austria. Check out:
      for addresses and phone #s. There's even two in Canada

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      Subject: [AtGen] mystery grandfather: someone knows something.

      My mother's maiden name is Weingerl, she was born out of wedlock,
      outside Vienna, in 1932. My grandmother took the name of my grandfather
      to her grave. Someone out there knows something.
      My mother was raised in part by my late grandmother, Valerie Leopoldina
      Weingerl Sack, my great-grandmother who's last name was Pail, and my
      great great aunt Theresa Tschoerch.
      Any info about the Weingerls and Pails would be appreciated as family
      feuds and the like between my late grandmother and the rest of her
      family have kept a great deal of information secret.
      I know there is one living sibling of my grandmother, Karl Weingerl,
      living in Salzburg, but have no other info.
      Anyone out there with info, please e-mail.
      I ahve traced my father's side of the family (German) back to the mid
      1700's and hope to do the same with my grandmother's side.
      Thanks, Danke, etc.!

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