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  • franz38@yahoo.com
    Aug 12, 1999
      Dear friends of Austrian Genealogy!

      Welcome to our e-Group, a forum for people doing genealogy in Austria
      as it was or as it is today.

      One of the main aspects of this e-Group is not to copy or duplicate
      what is better left to others like the AustriaGenWeb or the Austria
      list, but to learn from these sources and bring topics, ideas and
      material forward for discussion to make it possible to improve our
      methods of research and to do beter genealogical work as a group while
      enjoing the interaction among us.

      Please use the resources of this new e-Group by posting suitable links,
      adding your name, area of search etc. to the database list, suggesting
      or creating other tools which we may require to make further progress
      possible, but most of all, make yourself right at home here among us
      and tell a few friends as well.

      The following is an exerpt of a recent issue of the Austrian list in
      digest form to which you are welcome to subscribe if you don't already.

      You can do so by sending an e-mail to austria-d-request@...
      with the single word SUBSCRIBE in the text area. The subject field can
      be left blank.

      Reading the list will help us greatly to look at various ways people do
      reasearch, some better than others, but all forming some sort of
      example for us to reflect on and to learn from ... since we are
      interested and willing to share ideas and experiences, lets have a good
      read and let the discussion begin ....

      Da Franzl von Jedlesee


      From: Theodore (Ted) Kramer <tkramer@...>
      To: <AUSTRIA-L@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 9:36 AM
      Subject: [AUSTRIA-L] Researching Albert KRAMER


      I recently read about the Austria GenWeb list in a posting to another
      news list. This is my first posting to your list. Perhaps you can
      suggest resources to me which will help me to trace my father, Albert
      KRAMER, Austrian family roots. Sadly, I do not speak or read German.
      I am aware that the materials which you may help me locate will
      probably be written in that language, and I am prepared to have them
      translated, when necessary. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

      During his life, my father did not discuss his family origins. I know
      only the following facts and "rumors":

      1. KRAMER, and its variations, is a VERY popular name.
      2. My father, Albert KRAMER, was born in Austria, town/city unknown,
      on December 25, 1899 (or possibly an earlier year).
      3. My father probably emigrated to the United States between 1910 -
      1935, possibly with his parents, Charles (?) and mother Fannie (?).
      These names are obviously "Americanized." I can only guess at their
      Austrian origins.
      4. My father was a skilled metalworker, a tool and die maker. I
      believe that he learned his trade in Austria.
      5. He was an active trade union organizer and an ardent Communist.
      6. I believe that he "estranged himself" from his parents because of
      their ties to religion, which conflicted with his Communistic beliefs.
      7. I do not know if my father had any siblings.
      8. I do not know if my father was a naturalized American citizen. I
      have been unable to find evidence of his Social Security number. I know
      that this is not much to go on, but can you either suggest possible
      sources for "real" information, or methods I might use to find more

      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

      Theodor (Ted) Kramer - Cupertino, CA

      One should know that earlier than 1918 Austria was the Austrian -
      Hungarian empire, which was much larger than the borders of present-day

      To trace your father's family in Europe you need to know the town of
      his origin. That town name is recorded on a piece of paper or micrifilm
      somewhere in the US. Your job is to find that name.

      The usual places to search are ship arrival records, naturalization
      papers, marriage applications, Social Security applications,
      abituaries, death certificates, WWI draft registration papers (whether
      he served or not, everyone who was draft age registered).

      You'll want to search these places for your father and his parents.

      You can find info on how to search these sources at web sites like
      cyndi's list http://www.cyndislist.com

      Good luck, Brian Stern, BrianS@... - Austin, TX

      ADLER, FISCH, Zholkva - Ukr;
      AUERBACH Touste, Lemberg - Ukr;
      HOCHMAN Touste, Ivano-frankovsk - Ukr;
      STERN, Bruchsal, Olnhausen, Laupheim, Heinsheim - Germany;
      BLOCH, Eichtersheim - Germany;
      KAUFMANN, Laupheim - Germany;
      EHRLICH Bieringen, Edelfingen - Germany;
      WUERZBERGER Bieringen - Germany;
      GROSS, Affaltrach - Germany.
      BLOCH, Metz - France;

      ==== AUSTRIA Mailing List ====

      http://www.rootsweb.com/~autwgw/agsfrpf.htm for the best PLACE FINDERS

      Hello Ted,

      Your first objective is to determine the specific birthplace of your
      immigrant ancestors. The geographical extent of "Austria" of today is
      vastly different from the "Austria" a century ago.

      Have you attempted to obtain the immigration records of your
      immigrant ancestors. Immigration records (aka arrival records) provide
      specific birthplace. The INS would be able to determine if any of your
      ancestors became citizens. Their naturalization papers would be
      available. There are many other sources of information available.

      Lavrentiy Krupniak


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      Look up surnames. Use: http://www.rootsweb.com/~autwgw/agsfrs.htm

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      From: Roberta Belulovich <robertabelulovich@...>
      To: <AUSTRIA-L@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 7:00 PM

      My question is very different from what you're writing about below, but
      it does concern the city of Graz. My great-grandmother was a foundling
      named Francesca Franzini, who was born in the mid-19th C (1854?) and
      relocated by the Catholic church to Istria (then Austria-Hungary)
      through Trieste. However, my father was told that she was born in Graz.
      It seems, however, that Francesca Franzini was an arbitrary name given
      by the Church.

      Do you know if there is a way of researching her actual origins through
      Church records (or by any other means) or is it just a dead end?

      Thanks for your help - Roberta Belulovich - RobertaBelulovich@...

      I've been a little quiet of late, summer and all ... also partly due to
      my needing to revisit my research strategy after all the successes I
      had in the first part of the year. Doing in research in Styria from
      outside of Europe is not easy and usually means writing a lot of
      letters to the Archives.

      I have noticed in both Styria and Carinthia that the Catholic Central
      Archives are asking 'up front' for research money without guarantee,
      something I balk at although I recognize that everyones time is
      valuable and costs have to be covered if its a professinal researcher
      or an archivist!

      In Styria my best results have been in obtaining residency Records from
      the City of Graz Archives for the period prior to 1925. These are
      excellent photocopies. The only issue is that they are handwritten and
      often difficult to read!

      I wrote back to Graz in May '99 and thanked them and asked what other
      sources of info that there may be, should I be able to travel to Graz
      next year to do some research locally ... parts of the City Archives
      are being rehoused this year so I specifically asked about next summer.

      Here (loosely translated) is the response I received from the City
      Archives dated 29. July 1999:

      As of April 2000 the following archival information would be available
      should you visit Graz to continue your family research:
      1) the Residency cards of the Police from 1892-1925
      2) the Census' 1900 and 1910
      3) the Death roles and the city directories etc.

      In addition the residency records from the Police for
      the period AFTER 1925 are housed with the Federal Police Direction:
      Graz (Bundespolizeidirektion Graz) in the PAULUSTORGASSE (street name).
      Also of interest the central church records ...

      The new piece of information here (for me) is the availability of
      Residency records after 1925.

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      http://www.rootsweb.com/~autwgw/agsfrm.htm for information and help

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      From: R Kobenter <kobenter@...>
      To: <AUSTRIA-L@...>
      Sent: Monday, August 09, 1999 10:31 AM
      Subject: [AUSTRIA-L] Search of Bundespolizeiarchiv in Klagenfurt

      In a previous posting I mentioned that I received from the Austrian
      Federal Police in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria photocopies with two
      residency records.

      On the 31st of May I wrote a standard form letter in German, using the
      sample located via the URL link on the AustriaGenWeb site, requesting
      an extract from the 1910 Residency Registration Records.

      I received a small package dated 10. July 1999 with:

      A brief typed letter saying that they could only find info on 2 of the
      9 names I had provided. Also they mentioned that Fees where not applied
      to this request.

      What was provided is interesting compared to the type of residency Info
      the City Archives in Graz had provided. Unlike Graz these where typed
      making them much more legible!

      The photocopied cards are hard to date in that there is no date that
      indicates when the cards where authorized.

      In the one case the first transfer of residence is listed as having
      occure in 1930.

      The cards contain the following info:

      Birth (name, date, city, family status, religion, profession),
      Citizenship. Parents name and birth and where they live/died, in which
      town. Also an entry for 'Wehrverhaeltnis' which would be Military
      Status ... Spouse info and parents of Spouse. Areas for info on

      The back of the cards list residence changes. Then in the case of a
      death a stamp indicates when the person died and in which death-role
      and number the entry is to be found.

      The other card I was provded has info that was not typed by hand
      written and is interesting in that it includes residency changes from
      1941 to 1945 for the area of KRAMPEN by NEUBERG which I think is in the

      What I deduce from these cards is that they date back to the period of
      German occupation of Austria since the Nationality states 'D.R.'
      (Deutsches Reich) is crossed out and handwritten (in both cards) as
      Oesterr. (ie: Oesterreich -> Austria)

      As I mentioned I was provided cards for 2 of 9 requests, just turns out
      both of these where the two males I had info on, I had complete birth /
      death dates for both of these. And both where indeed born in Klagenfurt.

      I also had a record for a Female family member born in a township close
      to Villach and I had hoped that the Federal Police in Klagenfurt would
      have had info for all of the Province of Carinthia, but I did not get
      any info for anyone else ...

      So my next attempt will be to write the same letter to the Federal
      police in Villach ...

      Of course searching for info on females is so much more difficult due
      to name changes! But I had hoped that the cards would have remained
      with the birth name!

      The address of rthe Bundespolizeidirektion Klagenfurt is:

      St.Ruprechter Strasse 3
      A-9010 Klagenfurt
      AUSTRIA - Europe FAX: 011-43-(0) 463-5333291

      PS: The (0) is only used inside Austria instead of 011-43 (Country code
      for Austria)

      ==== AUSTRIA Mailing List ====

      Please make sure the HTML option is OFF when you post to a mailing list.

      If you have any interesting experiences of your research in any
      Austrian Province, Carinthia or not, please share them with us!