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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse:Feb 9, '09 : Report et Images

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  • Ashmeet Singh
    Dear Astronomy Lovers and Eclipse Chasers,     We; Rohan Kamra, Siddharth Hans & Ashmeet Singh; three amateur astronomers from the Amateur Astronomers
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2009
      Dear Astronomy Lovers and Eclipse Chasers,
      We; Rohan Kamra, Siddharth Hans & Ashmeet Singh; three amateur astronomers from the Amateur Astronomers Association of Delhi (AAAD) decided to catch n capture the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of Feburary 9th, 2009 from New Delhi, India.
      Since the eclipse had to begin just 7 min after the moonrise from here in Delhi at 1.5* altitude, we had to look for a place with just the perfect horizon.
      Fortunately, Siddharth's House had a terrace that had a totally clear horizon, which we chose as our observation location.
      All three of us were extremely determined to observe and capture this eclipse on camera, even though this time the Earths Shadow did not offer any astounding views of the eclipse, other that good data for photometry.
      Our equipment included a Canon Powershot A530, 2 Sony Cybershots , 1 tripod and a cardboard spectroscope(which didnt come to our use...)
      We didnt set up any telescopes as we aimed to capture the eclipse in sequence at equal intervals of time and get decent data for analysis.
      We gathered at the location around 1730 hrs IST, half hour before beginning of the eclipse and set up all our equipment. Due to lack of tripods, we had to fix one of the Cybershots between 2 bricks!!!
      Due to the haze, we could not observe the moonrise and eventually the beginning 8-10 min of the eclipse were also missed. We observed a very deep red moon hanging over the horizon at 18:14 hrs IST and thus began our observations and photography.
      The Canon Powershot was dedicated to take zoomed views of the moon at every interval of 2 min to show every  phase and changes in the eclipse.
      One Cybershot was onto capturing a total eclipse sequence and the other for the moon's spectrum and pics of the environment.
      The penumbral eclipse could be very easily made out, though not in the intial stage with the naked eye as the moon's left limb was relatively darkened and whose intensity and size was varying as predicted.
      Our morale was boosted by coffee, sandwitches, choclates and songs as clouds interspersed after 45 min of the eclipse...
      Clouds were there ever since, sometimes blocking the moons light, and sometimes not interfering at all. They kept playing hide and seek but we didnt loose hope and continued our observations and timed photography till 21:47 hours IST about 20 min before ending of eclipse, as the clouds almost completely took over.
      Later we checked all pics and I have finalised 2 of them and have uploaded them at :
      The details of the individual pics are provided there itself...
      We will frthur analyse this eclipse data to draw some scientific conclusions out of the whole event...
      Please do have a look at the pictures.
      We would love you comments, critics, suggestions and appreciations on the same, so as to improvise our techniques for times to come...
      Thanks for reading soooo far...
      Its been a loooong mail..
      Clear Skies
      Ashmeet Singh.
       Amateur Astronomer
      New Delhi,India.

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