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Re: Astrolog Compilation

Hi Todd, Astrolog 5.41 and Astrolog 5.41g are 16 bits applications so I don't think it possible to compile Astrolog 5.41 and Astrolog 5.41G with Visual Studio
Aug 9

Re: Astrolog Compilation

Hello, Thank you for answering. -thoth-
Aug 9

Re: Astrolog Compilation

Hi Todd, If you do get it to compile, please let me know. I am working on getting the core to compile. None of the UI or X stuff. -thoth-
Aug 9

Re: Astrolog Compilation

I compiled successfully in linux a couple months ago. However, I just tried compile with Visual Studio Community 2013 on Windows 8.1 and was unsuccessful. I'll
Aug 6

Re: Astrolog Compilation

Awhile back, I found a website astrologformac and on that website was a modified Makefile to overwrite the standard linux Makefile with on the mac and a
Jude DaShiell
Aug 3

Astrolog Compilation

Hello, Has anyone successfully compiled Astrolog using any modern compiler on any modern OS? I am specifically interested in Astrolog 5.41 and Astrolog 5.41G.
Aug 3

Re: seconds of latitude and seconds of longitude

Yes, but the specifics of that feature depend on which version you're using. The standard version of Astrolog (5.40) can calculate the chart using seconds of
Michael Rideout
Jul 8

seconds of latitude and seconds of longitude

Can seconds of latitude and seconds of longitude for locations be used by astrolog? In the past, I have just been using degrees and minutes though use of
Jude DaShiell
Jul 8

Re: pre-natal eclipse

All other astrology packages run g.u.i. only and I don't do windows. ... --
Jude DaShiell
Jun 5

Re: pre-natal eclipse

Jude, Getting eclipses from Astrolog is easily possible: you have to use the -Z switch. However, if you wish to use another freeware, Maitreya Dreams can
Jun 5

pre-natal eclipse

Is it possible to write a command line macro for astrolog given natal chart input to at least calculate the date and time a native's pre-natal eclipse
Jude DaShiell
Jun 2

Re: To install the program

thank you  On Saturday, May 16, 2015 7:37 AM, "Michael Rideout SeaGtGruff@... [Astrolog_List]" wrote:   I don't think
Sevilay KIRCI
May 16

Re: To install the program

I don't think Astrolog will run on a 64-bit computer, so if that's what you've got then you'll need to upgrade to Astrolog32: version 1:
Michael Rideout
May 15

To install the program

I can not upload to my computer the astorolog5.41 programs. My computer is windows 8. HOW CAN UPLOAD THIS PROGRAM ? HELP MEEEEE
May 15

Re: Astrolog in phone

I think I did find solution, to run Astrolog32 in its entirety, as for features, on Android tablet - via Chrome Remote Desktop! Not only Astrolog32, but whole
Mica Mijatovic
Apr 17
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