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Re: Astrolog in phone

No Windows 3.1 was not much more than a DOS program itself. dosbox can run it at least on my phone.
Mar 23

Re: how to make a return chart for a place other than birth place

thanks for responding i am sorry i could not understand it. pl elaborate 1 how do you get solar or lunar or any other planet return 2 then how to save and
Mar 21

Re: Astrolog in phone

I spent quite some time on it last spring. I recently installed Android Studio instead of Eclipse but did not manage to properly migrate that project. Anyway
Mar 21

Re: Astrolog in phone

Thanks much! Might be not so bad idea. • I didn't know there is a Wine for Android. • I ran Astrolog under many various Linux distros, quite finely & would
Mar 21

Re: can we insert pholus as an object

The help file mentions how to do this, but you must know the orbital elements of the body you want to add. I never could figure out how to use that feature. I
Michael Rideout
Mar 20

Re: how to make a return chart for a place other than birth place

All you have to do is set the longitude, latitude, time zone, and time change of the return chart for the desired location. If you set up Chart #1 as natal
Michael Rideout
Mar 20

how to make a return chart for a place other than birth place

can u pl explain how to make a return chart say lunar return chart for a place that native is living now than his birth place suppose A was born in mumbai
Mar 20

can we insert pholus as an object

can we insert pholus as an oblect in chart and also transit
Mar 16

Where to locate Cassiopeia in Astrolog?

I would like to know on where to locate Cassiopeia in Astrolog. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Feb 25

Re: Astrolog in phone

You could try wine for android, i have not yet. What i have tried is write a simple android app in java (eclipse, android sdk) and display windows bitmaps
Feb 18

Re: Astrolog in phone

Do you mean running DOS version of Astrolog via Dosbox? I am in a search of a way to run a GUI version of Astrolog on Android tablet &/or phone. So if someone
Feb 18

Re: What difference between Sign and House is on analyzing astrology

Houses are departments of life. Try to picture houses like rooms in a house each with a special purpose. Next, picture people of different kinds in that
Jude DaShiell
Feb 8

Re: How to forecast weather using astrology?

Try sending email to weathersage-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Just a blank email message then watch your inbox. If you simply reply to the response message,
Jude DaShiell
Feb 7

Re: How to export Pergiee and Apogee data using Astrolog32?

Once a long output file gets generated, for windows users use of the find commands for each search should set things up. Remember to preserve those searches
Jude DaShiell
Feb 6

Re: Astrolog32 V2.05 was born

Thank you, Roberto and everyone else involved! Michael Rideout
Michael Rideout
Jan 27
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