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open letter for minister of M.O.E.F

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    Jasvant sinh j.mori po.devli, kodinar- 362720 dis.junagadha, Gujarat. (m) 09824670777 Re, Mr. Minister Date: 28 / 06 / 2011 Office M.O.E.F, (Ministry of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2011

                                                                                                       Jasvant sinh j.mori

                                                                                                       po.devli, kodinar-                                                                                                      362720

                                                                                                       dis.junagadha,                                                                                                             Gujarat .

                                                                                                       (m) 09824670777


      Mr. Minister                                                                               Date: 28 / 06 / 2011

      Office M.O.E.F,

      (Ministry of environment and forests),

      C.G.O. complex,

      Lodhi road, new Delhi-110003.

      India .


      Subject: A request for rejection of the 2*660 thermal power plant which takes  place in kaj/nanavada village, in the coastal forest area of wild animal that lions the facility at drinking water on wetland . Deserving the gir Asiatic lions in kodinar taluka in junagadha district at Gujarat state.


      Respected sir,


      I  J.J. Mori gives you the solid evidence for not to give the permission of the 2*660 thermal power plant.


      (1). The whole plant will be situated on the residency of the gir Asiatic lions, leopard and other foreign birds and it is a place of drinking of animals and birds, Which is against the rules of wildlife and environment ministry wetland.


      (2). It is fact that Gir Asiatic lions live in that costal forest. These lions are often migrated from proper native gir to costal forest it may be possible that the migration belt becomes close. According to the season lions way of adjust themselves will destroy if upcoming 2*660 thermal power plant take place.


      (3). the company gives the wrong report about the distance of the place diu (a central tourist place -55 kms.) but actually the aeronautical distance for this place is near about 7 kms. The company hides its bad intentions.


      (4). it is indicating in the report of the 2*660 upcoming thermal power plants that after ten years of the emerging electricity, this electric-station will turn  into an nuclear plant which is dangerous for this Asiatic lions.


      (5). can company will stop the carbon dioxide and the power of coal which is left in the air towards gir forest by the upcoming plant of 2*660 thermal power plant? Will gir forest saved by plants pollution?


      (6). according to the lion of jamvala forest range, under in the west conservation division in Gir (junagadha-Gujarat) the upcoming 2*660 thermal power plant is near about the wetland. Therefore, it is possible that we interference in the life of animals will be increased which is not good for the wild life.


      (7), are the farmers possessing land near the forest selling their some of desert land, have the right to welcome the industries threat to the Asiatic lions lived in the coastal forest?


      (8). the upcoming 2*660 thermal power plant is investing crore rupees, and there are buying lots of land near the costal forest. and this matter of public hearing will happen on 15th June but Gujarat gov. junagadha district gir west Conservator of Forest range’s latter of 6th June mention that they don’t know anything about up coming thermal plant.


      (9). Isn’t informed that the giant upcoming 2*660 thermal power plant near the field of forest department of junagadha district in Gujarat state , according to no. 8 point and to be kept the ignorance of those dangers which officers of gov. may responsible? Is there any corruption in this matter? Like this suspicion may not be denied.


      (10). Can it be called legal to majority public support of public hearing for the industrial foundation which may destroy the existence at Gir Asiatic lions, leopards and rare birds? (Which animals beings get Sheller near the upcoming 2*660 thermal power plant, for that see the letter informed in Gujarati language, of jamvala forest range under Gir west conservation division.)


      (11). Because of the 2*660 giant thermal power plant, there will be a very huge vehicle the gives of Asiatic lions and leopards and the pollution  of vehicles noise  will become the irritating environment. It looks they are the animal changed, this topic is very serious. That’s why please do not give the permission of the 2*660 thermal power plant.       



      Enclosure: -                                                            Yours faithfully                                                                                                                                                                             


      1.  Office of Deputy Conservator of Forest,

            Gir West Forest Division, sardar bag,




                    "Aranya Bhavan", Near CH-3 Circles,
                      Sector-10 A,
                      Gandhinagar - 382010
                      Gujarat – India

           3.      The Secretary

                   Government of India

                    Ministry of Environment & Forests

                    Paryavaran Bhavan

                    CGO Complex, Lodhi Road

                    New Delhi - 110 003, INDIA


                        Attached paper:-

                        1. Your visit of isro 9th June 2011- press note. (Copy-1)

                    2. Wetland and costal forest’s information letter by junagadha forest division   Gujarat .In  Gujarati  language. (Copy-2)                                                                                           

                     3. Upcoming industries place is a bird sanctuary which proved by Gujarat                                  

                              News paper.

                         4. Copy of Gujarat new paper which mention leopards death because of   

                             heavy Vehicle.




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