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Re: [Ashkenazi-Q]

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    Sure, Lloyd. It s DNA & Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick and Andrew Yeiser. Copyright 2005, published by Rice Book Press. I m an administrator for surname:
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      Sure, Lloyd.
      It's DNA & Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick and Andrew Yeiser. Copyright 2005, published by Rice Book Press. 
      I'm an administrator for surname: Goldfoot with familytreedna and this is what they sent me to read. 
      Also, I'm the publicity person for Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon, and have heard Colleen speak at one of our meetings.  She's most interesting. 
      Another aid I found is attending dna classes at our Genealogical Forum of Oregon.  The instructor has been great.  I haven't gone for the past few months and should get back to it again. 
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      Do you mind sharing the name of the Book?  Thanks.  BJ
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      Sorry, Lloyd, wish I had been able to be there.  As it was, it was a time my brother David found it was the only time he and his family could travel to see me!  I had just recently had an open heart operation.  I need to improve on my planning.  Next year to the conference!  I'm trying to reread my DNA book and am finding it's making more sense now that we've actually had the 67 allele test and have more results.  Nadene
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      I might as well add my 3 cents. I wish I had more of an understanding. That is why I went to the converance which was very disapointing.
      i learned very little. Our DNA group had 6 people show up. 1/2 of them not in our group.
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      I have been at this a long time, B.J., but feel the same as you do.  I greatly appreciate the time and effort put into this by Rebecca, Dave, and several others but I am totally lost.
      Thank you for speaking.
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      I'm anxious to know what is happening with the new 67 marker results coming
      in. Have you determined results and explanations yet? I know that you have
      been rearranging info on the sites, but being somewhat of a newbie, I'm not
      understanding the results. First, I don't understand what markers to look
      at that mean "Something". I can see matches, but which specific markers
      does one look at that tells you it is specific to the Jewish population or
      not? I can see that there is a Hough, Riley, Huff, Hoff and Marlow that
      have the 385a,b markers 13,13 and none of the others in the study have this,
      yet we are all in the Q1b. What does that specifically mean?

      Secondly, I see the "null" values and see that it applies to just about
      everyone in the Q1b group. I don't know what that means. Please point me
      to a specific reference that I can read and understand what the markers mean
      and what the difference in a -1 or +1 marker difference from others in the
      group. I know that means a mutation, but which direction? Is the +1 more
      than others a newest mutation or older?

      I know you all are working diligently on getting all the updates, but there
      are basic things that I can't find anywhere that might help me to understand
      what I am seeing.

      In one email, Howard indicates to someone that he can tell that the mtDNA of
      someone is IRISH. I'm not understanding things like that. I know in the
      beginning when I sent you my brother's yDNA, you could tell immediately that
      it appeared to fit into the Jewish "Q" group. It's information like that
      that and more that I am seeking.

      I realize that I have not had the advanced education in this field that you
      all have; but, I am frustrated not understanding. I now know the basics;
      I'm ready to move beyond that.

      I am a member of project Q and Hough/Huff/Hoff. Do I need to be in other

      I hope you have the time to respond. I apologize to the others in the groups
      that seem to understand this and might find this email boring.


      B. J. Marlow

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