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Re: Suing the Mongolians

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  • Dave Howard
    Can you upload a photo?
    Message 1 of 35 , Apr 6, 2009
      Can you upload a photo?

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      > As a student in my early years, I was called beady eyes.
      > Lloyd.
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      > From: Dave Howard
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      > Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 11:05 PM
      > Subject: [Ashkenazi-Q] Suing the Mongolians
      > Sara Silverman settled with the Mongolians. They had a big party and good time was had by all.
      > If someone does sue Mongolia they should do it in Florida or Texas where the juries hand out those very large judgments.
      > There may be a statute of limitations problem.
      > Dave
    • jason silber
      hmmmm.... ... From: KRUPA Subject: Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] To: Ashkenazi-Q@yahoogroups.com Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009, 2:11 AM This is
      Message 35 of 35 , Apr 25, 2009


        --- On Sat, 4/25/09, KRUPA <mladen.krupa@ka.t-com.hr> wrote:
        From: KRUPA <mladen.krupa@ka.t-com.hr>
        Subject: Re: [Ashkenazi-Q]
        To: Ashkenazi-Q@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009, 2:11 AM

        This is what I have received from the Emeliye Akdjali Ashena, the
        shaman Emeliye Ulubayan Eaglewoman;

        OPEN LETTER: Reply to Alfred Krupa.

        On the 16th. July I received an E-mail from Alfred Krupa, living
        in Croatia, where he was born. He was seeking help from a
        shamanic source. His very detailed Open Letter explains his
        reasons for contacting me, an ongoing and personal interest in
        his Khazar origins. Extensive research had finally brought

        This is an area fraught with difficulties, not least that of the
        reluctance of some to acknowledge a Khazar – turcic element,
        and other Central – Asian lines which are clearly defined in
        DNA tests. The psychological barrier to admitting this
        connection seems to be paramount. One wonders why this should be

        But this is not my concern. The Khazars practiced shamanism. The
        most powerful shamans were great dream trackers with contacts in
        many parts of the world. This ability lives on today, often
        misunderstood, unrecognized, rejected. But, as the great
        teacher, Alberto Villoldo, says: ‘courageous dreaming can
        change the world.’

        Alfred Krupa asked if I could help him by undertaking dreaming
        and shamanic journeying on his behalf in order to try and find
        answers to the complexities posed by his research.

        It must be understood that a shaman has no personal agenda in the
        outcome of such tasks. He or she is a medium acting on behalf of
        the inquirer and seeking knowledge from the Cosmos, the keeper
        of all knowledge and wisdom. Success is not guaranteed.
        What-ever is given is a gift. The shaman must approach the task
        with impeccability.

        JOURNEY ONE: Question. From which line is my family descended?

        Your family descent is from Ateh, the sister of Bulan
        /A.Krupa comment; Bulan was last “quasi-divine” Shaman
        Emperor, and first Jewish Khazar King /.

        The family is connected to Princess Chichak, (Flower) /A.Krupa
        comment; Tzitzak was daughter of Khazar Quaghan Bihar/, who
        married into the Byzantine Royal family and became the mother of
        Emperor Leo 1V, the Khazar. (niece or cousin to Ateh and Bulan).

        JOURNEY TWO: Question. What and from where is the ancient
        origin of the Khazars?

        Ateh – Bulan – Mokadessa were related. Before Khazaria
        existed, the Blue Turks were centred in the valley of Orkhon on
        the shores of lake Baharli Su (Fragrant Waters). A Bon priest
        arrived with his daughter, very poor, having been evicted from
        Schauschung, Western Tibet, then part of Central Asia, overtaken
        by, and now ruled by Buddhist converts, who rejected the
        indigenous Bon, shamanic people and their priests.

        The Bon priest Ashena, and his daughter, joined the Blue Turks.
        He was a powerful Shaman. His daughter married into the turcic
        ruling family and name Ashina/Ashena evolved. Male Ashena/Ashina
        became most powerful of Blue Turk families.

        The connection strengthened when male Ashena, powerful shamans,
        married Blue Turk women. From this connection came the great
        dreamers and trackers.

        Ateh, sister of Bulan, was unmarried and had a lover. A daughter
        was born outside marriage. Bulan demanded her death. To save
        her, her father offered his life. The daughter was named
        Baharli, (Fragrant One). She eventually married the grandson of
        Bulan /A.Krupa comment; Further communication and number of
        journeys showed that mentioned grandson of Bulan, was well known
        Obadiah , second born son, The Jewish Khazar King, reigned
        instead of his first born brother who died sometime earlier/

        It is from this line that you descend.

        JOURNEY THREE: Question. Please advise on my design for the
        Ashina/Ashena crest.

        Double-headed EAGLE, red not black.

        In each talon a ripe pomegranate.

        White shield with individual crest. Representing each family.

        Golden crown with seven golden wolves singing (heads upraised).

        Emeliye Ulubayan Akdjali Asena - Eaglewoman MA PhD /Author of "A
        Dream Shrouded in Wind, A 21st Century Khazar Shamanic
        Voice",Published in 2007 by AuthorHouse- UK/

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