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Basic Information About Our yDNA Haplogroup-Q

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  • Dave Howard
    On 10/22/06 6:34 PM, Barryzwick@aol.com wrote: Dear DNA sisters and brothers, Thanks for all the information you ve been sending me.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2006
      On 10/22/06 6:34 PM, "Barryzwick@..." <Barryzwick@...> wrote:

      Dear DNA sisters and brothers,

      Thanks for all the information you've been sending me. There remain a
      few of you from whom I have not heard with basic information on your
      roots, your hometowns and your occupations. Some of you, I'm sure,
      can take us a little farther back to our shared ancestor. For now,
      we're pretty much frozen at the years 1750-1760. No one has reported
      finding ancestors farther back than that.

      We've had some back and forths on Haplotype Q. Only one of us, a
      Philadelphia illustrator named Richard Anderson, has had the Deep
      Clade Test, the one that tests for haplotypes. He's a certified
      Haplotype Q now, and thus we all are.

      Of the 64 perfect or near-perfect matches on our list, we have
      hometowns for 44, occupations for 47 and most recent countries of
      origin for 45.

      Fifteen of you can be addressed as "doctor." Here are your
      occupations. Corrections and additions welcome:


      Physicians: 10

      [Specialties include obstetrics, cardiac electrophysiology,
      occupational health,
      vascular surgery, addiction and internal medicine.]

      Lawyers: 10

      Scientists & Engineers: 7

      [Fields include rocket science, molecular biology, computer science,
      mass spectrometry, electrical engineering and locomotive engineering.]

      Psychologists: 2

      Accountant: 1
      Army officer: 1
      Business consultant: 1
      Claims adjuster: 1
      Database administrator: 1
      Dentists: 2
      Hotel consultant: 1
      Ice skating impresario: 1
      Illustrator: 1
      Interior decorator: 1
      Journalist: 1
      Media consultant: 1
      Restaurant franchiser: 1
      Software projects manager: 1
      Teachers: 2
      Toy manufacturer: 1
      University professor: 1
      Venture capitalist: 1

      Countries of origin:

      Germany: 8
      Belarus: 7
      Ukraine: 10
      Lithuania: 3
      Scotland: 2
      Austria-Hungary: 2
      Netherlands: 1
      England: 1
      Poland: 6
      Bessarabia/Romania 1
      Latvia: 4
      Russia 1

      Hometowns or countries:

      Australia: 1
      Bornholm, Denmark 1
      Israel 1
      Netherlands: 1

      Rosarita, Baja California, Mexico 1

      Eufala, Alabama 1

      Scottsdale, Arizona 1

      Concord, California 1
      Cupertino, California
      Encinitas, California 1
      Los Angeles, California 3
      Malibu, California 1
      Piedmont, California 1
      San Jose, California 1
      San Francisco, California 2

      Longmont, Colorado 1
      New Milford, Connecticut 1
      Storrs, Connecticut 1

      Washington, D.C. 1

      Tampa, Florida 1
      Highland Beach, Florida 1

      Atlanta, Georgia 1
      Pine Mountain, Georgia 1

      Chicago, Illinois 3
      Skokie, Illinois 1

      Boston, Mass. 1

      Wayzata, Minnesota 1

      Detroit, Michigan 1

      Pine Barrens, New Jersey 1

      Long Island, New York 1
      Scarsdale, New York 1
      Westchester, New York 1

      Canton, Ohio 1
      Cleveland, Ohio 1

      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1

      Austin, Texas 1
      Houston, Texas 1

      Norfolk, Va. 1

      Bellevue, Washington 1
      Seattle, Washington 1
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