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Fw: Q1b1a Haplogroup Update Origins--Mediterranean Area

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  • D Bremridge
    My personal opinion regarding the Hazara tribe in India and the Sindhis in Pakistan is that if our Patriarch was still around, or if his mummified body was
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      My personal opinion regarding the Hazara tribe in India and the Sindhis in Pakistan is that if our Patriarch was still around,
      or if his mummified body was available, we would find that Abraham and his forefathers would have origin genetics from either 
      the Hazaras or the Sindhis, or from both these peoples.
      My second opinion is that Freddy's links with the Goldfoot/Goldfuss/Zolotaya-Nogai link from the earliest time of the caravaneers
      along the Silk Route i.e. via the upper Northern route coming out of Mongolia through China / Tibet / Northern India to Mesopotamia;
      and via the Southern route via Shanghai / Afghanistan to Mesopotamia / Canaan (Palestine) / Egypt (Alexandria on the Mediterranean)
      and the Islands of Crete and Cyprus in particular.
      Sam sam
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      Subject: Re: Q1b1a Haplogroup Update Origins--Mediterranean Area

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      Well, it takes time for me to make sense out of all this dna testing.  Because of my brother David's advanced tests, I see our line has the L315 snip mentioned below, meaning we have the origins in the Mediterranean area.  I am tickled.   Not only are we of the haplogroup  of Q1b1a (M378) (L245) but also the SNP of  (L315. )
      My Pashtun friend, Arik in Afghanistan,  who had his dna tested is a Q also but his SNP is Q(L275).  Ours is Q (L245).  Below is a report written by Dave Howard, one of our volunteer leaders back in 2010.  and also a Q.  Now it's making sense to me and goes along with another report that Rebekah had given me. 
      Since the predominent haplogroup with Jewish men seems to be J1, which is called the Cohen gene, I have been stressing out trying to find out our origins and finally figuring it had to around Ur, which is in Iraq, the home of Abraham and Sarah and where they left to go to Canaan.  Scientifically we located in the "Mediterranean area."    Another group larger than our Q's is a G haplogroup.  We are 5% of the Jewish men of today. 
      Dina, I don't know all the specifics for our distant cousin Freddy Krupa, but he is adamant that we came from Khazaria.  Maybe we've wandered about in both places somehow.  Maybe we had an ancestor that did the conversion on the Royal family of Khazaria.  You never know.  Personally, I'd like to think our ancestor was with Abraham's entourage of either his family members or part of the people with him. 
      "I recently attended the Group Administrators' Conference in Houston Texas put on by Family Tree DNA. Thanks to the good work of Rebekah Canada, Alissandro Biondo and others, the Y-chromosome Tree has been updated. Most of us are now Q1b1*. There are new tests in process right now which may show we are Q1b1a or Q1b1b.

      If you go to Rebekah's site at Family Tree DNA you can see how the new SNPs have changed the chart. What she does not show is the newly published tree which does recognize some of her work. What is most significant for all of us is that we all probably have the L245 SNP.

      Click on this link to see Rebekah's New Tree.

      When we all first started we were told we were in Haplogroup Q meaning that we had the M242 SNP generic to all Haplogroup Q members. It is theorized that this mutation took place about 20,000 years ago in Siberia. Then they found the P36.2 SNP which showed we branched off from the Siberian group more than 12,000 years ago when a group of Q's migrated to the Western Hemisphere.

      More recently they found we all had M378 SNP which is found among a small percentage of the Hazara tribe in India and a small percentage of the Sindhi tribe of Pakistan. How and when this link to a group of Ashkenazi Jewish people took place has been the subject of some interesting and confusing debates in this chat room.

      But the L245 SNP is downstream from the M378. Downstream means evolved later in time. This makes us even more unique. Two of our members
      have SNPs downstream from the L245. One is the L272 and the other is the L315.
      These more recent mutations may have evolved  within a few hundred years in the Mediterranean area."
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